Guard Rail Post & Barrier

Theare also known as tube clamps, pipe clamps and scaffold clamps. The Guard Rail Posts, tube clamps, pipe clamps and scaffold clamps can be used for a variety of applications in industrial, commercial and domestic markets. The Guard Rail Posts, tube clamps, pipe clamps and scaffold clamps when used with hand rail tube can be assembled to go around machinery, storage tanks, deep pits, water reservoirs, pools, shopping trolley stations, sports pitches, animal pens and at the side of roads and railway lines. Key clamp and tube clamps can be used to make racking for storing tyres, wheels, food stuffs, and many other products. Key clamp and pipe clamps with hand rail tube can be used to hang garments and retail outlets are now using them for contemporary retail garment displays.One of the main uses of key clamp and pipe clamps are to build hand rails on steep inclines and steps. These can be seen at the sides of railway tracks, motorways and in and around our towns and cities. Key clamp hand rail size 34mm has become popular to aid the elderly to get into their homes from the garden and roadside.

A safety barrier is a component which prevents passage into a dangerous area. It is commonly used to mitigate risk in the Hazard-Barrier-Target model, as studied in safety science.Physically separate the work area and the traveled way are designed to resist penetration of an out-of control vehicle, and have properties which redirect an out-of-control vehicle back on to the road away from the work area.ComponentsHard barriers are fixed into the ground as a bollard or gate, removable on stands, or clipped to a structure. Regardless of the barrier type, the components and overall assembly will be similar.The material of rails used to stop the flow of objects into the protected area must be durable and strong enough to withstand any impacts related to the environment in which it is installed; for example, a guard rail on the side of the road must be able to contain and safely stop or drastically slow down a vehicle weighing up to 40 tons (cable barriers are most effective against tractor trailers), whereas a pedestrian safety barrier only needs to be tall enough, designed with a lattice effect to keep people from climbing through it, or highly visible when being used to display caution.ApplicationsSafety barriers vary depending on their application. In an industrial setting, a safety barrier may be a fence or window, designed to keep the operator away from moving parts or other hazards. Railings should be closed cornered with rounded or flared edges to prevent any further damage to personnel or machinery in the event of a collision. Safety barriers can also be used to protect the corners of fixtures, support columns, exposed pipes or cables, or designated areas on the work floor.In an automotive setting, the barrier may be a traffic barrier or Jersey barrier, separating lanes/directions of traffic flow. In crowd control, terraces use crush barriers to reduce the risk of human crush in large crowds.Safety guard rail post &barrier for construction of Queenmade is your safe guard.Safety guard rail usually used in highway road ,express highway road, construction working , garden working,building working and so on .It owns two kinds of tubes :Round Steel Tube & Square Steel Tube Material : Q235 ,Q255,Q345 Surface: powder coated ; painting ;Zinc Plated /Galvanized ;Hot Dip Galvanizde Colors :Reb ;Yellow;Bule ;Pink; and so on .We mainly exporting safety scaffolding guard rail&barrier to Europe Countries ,such as : Spain , Italia,France,German, Finland and so on.Our Advantages :* High quality is promised under strictly inspection.* Reasonable and commerial price is provided to get win-win cooperation.* OEM service and customized design service is available.*We are professional scaffolding manufacture which saves a lot of transportation fee and time.* Good service. And any inquiries will get response within 24hSafety is Life of Scaffolding Manufacturer, linyi queen Scaffolding guard rail , Controls Scaffolding Quality By Strict Management System and Own IndependentTesting Throughout Full Production Processes.


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