Stone woodworking machinery cnc router EK1325S

1.wood engravingcnc routerEK1325B is our special ,it is widely usedfor processing wood door,wood furniture,home decoration,wood arts crafts and other woodworking industry.
2,Wood cnc router EK1325B is also good at engraving cutting plastic,plexiglass,mdf,acrylic,PCB and other soft materials.
3,EK1325Bissuit forboth 2Dflat and 3D tridimensional engraving cutting works,which isvery popular in woodworking and advertising industry.
If add stainless steel water tank and water cooling system,cnc router EK1325B is also suit for engraving cutting marble,granite,stone,aluminum,stainless steel,glass and other hard materials.
1.Woodworking cncengraving machine
EK1325B was equiped with Taiwan Hiwin linear square guide rail,it adoptrolling guide and the friction coefficient can be reduced to 2% oftraditional sliding guide,the positional accuracy can be up to μm degree.It can smoothly works more thanmore than 10 years.
2.Whole cast steel machine structure,special designed according to mechanics,steady and artistic.
3.Perfectly compatible with Autocad,Artcam,Type3,Castmate,UG,ProE,Ucancam and other CAD CAM software.
4.Special power outages continued carving and processing time forecast function,avoid the wastage ofpower cut.
5,water cooling spindle with better cooling performance and lower noise,more suit for tropical area such as South Asia,South America,Africa and Middle East countrys.
1,1300*2500mm workisize,special for processing wood door.
2,With vacuum fixing system,which is popular and convenientin processingwood plastic materials.


XYZ axis working area
XYZ guide rail
Taiwan Hiwin liner square guide rail
Max idlemoving speed
Max engraving speed
By vacuum fixing
Spindle motor
4.5KW China water cooling spindle
Drive motor
High speed stepper motor
Control system
DSP handle controller(Or Ncstudio PC control)
Control command
G code,U00, Mmg, Plt, Eng
Plywood box
After-sale and warranty
1,One year warrantyfor whole machine
2,Freely parts for changing within one year
3,Forever freely technical support
4,Oversea tecnical training is available


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