H type aluminium connector


至: 上海永固电力器材有限公司
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aluminium copper lug
aluminium copper lug aluminium inside covered with neutral grease for a best electrical contact, closed by a protection cap.
cable tie
cable tie cable ties is suitable for aerial line up to 35kv, fixing aluminium wire or steel core minium wire on the strain pole, aerial insulation aluminium ...
rubber insulation
rubber insulation high voltage circuitry rod supension insulators suit for pollution resistance, especially in the heavy pollution resistance, dilatation intension i...
cable termination
cable termination This termination produced according to the customer demand and specified of installation environment,e,g, open fire is strictly prohibited in such...
suspension clamp
suspension clamp Range from 16 to 120 mm2 messenger cable and constitued by an opened thermoplastic body with very high mechanical and climatic resistance.

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