for Wii 精典手柄

Classic controller for wii, Dverview: Dual analog sticks 8 way digital D-pad Turbo function Programmable features Ergonomic design for superior comfort and control and we supply various for Wii game controller


至: 深圳四维电子有限公司
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游戏手柄 我司供应各种游戏机手柄,有任天常Wii,有微软公司XBOX360,有索尼公司的PS3和PS2,还有台式机用手柄等.
游戏机光头 游戏机光头 我司供应各种各样的游戏机光头,for PS2 光头,for PS3 光头,for Wii 光头,for XBOX360 光头
视频游戏吉它 我司供应各种视频游戏吉它,有任天堂Wii,微软公司XBOX360,索尼公司的PS3/PS2
PC USB 跳舞毯
PC USB 跳舞毯 PC USB Dancing mat Game Dancing mat for PC. Non-slip bottom that grips the floor, Arcade look and comfortable feel. Enhanced wiring for greater s...
for Wii DriveKey 芯片
for Wii DriveKey 芯片 Drivekey sits on the bus between the Wii motherboard and the DVD drive. It transparently monitors all data transmitted. When a backup disc is inser...

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