Furniture Embedded Serial

Wireless charging furniture redefines wireless charging. The Meree Furniture Wireless Charger is designed to wirelessly charge all your s, making it easy and high efficient to charge. With a wireless charging table, you can replace messy cables and chargers to get your desktop neat and tidy. What’s more? The inductive charging furniture allows you to quickly charge your devices at the same time. You can simply place your s and other devices with built-in wireless technology on to the surface of the wireless charger.


Embedding invisible smart technologies make our lives easier. When you are working, staying in a hotel, waiting for boarding at the airport, even cooking at home, your smart will automatically get a fresh recharge once you place it on the desktop. Just like Wi-Fi, seamless integration into any type of environment can now be established easily.


You just need to drill a suitable sized hole, then install the charger in. Then a very convenient charging table is available. With this wireless charger, you can build into furniture by yourself. You can create a wireless charging stand that’s truly unique and tailored to your needs.


No matter the table is made of wood, MDF, marble or glass (no painted), the inbuilt wireless chargingcould work well with it. The Meree wireless charging built into deskcan be applied to various furniture made of different materials. Meree’s custom wireless charger provides you the most suitable wireless charging solution.


The wireless signal does no harm to human bodies. In addition, the wireless charger has overheating and overcharging prevention. Just place your devices onto the surface of the wireless charging furniture, then pick and go!

Wireless charger supplier Meree works to produce the best wireless charger. We have a new wireless cell chargerwholesale and custom wireless charger design. If you are looking for the best wireless charging pad, please contact our professional team. We will provide quotes and suggestions free of charge.


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