Google Wireless Charger


Designed for Google, Mereewireless charger for google can offer a simple way to charge. Having done enough researches and development, wireless charger manufacturer Meree produces the best google pixel wireless charging padfor customers. With connecting the wireless charging pad to a power source, you only have to place your onto the charging pad, then your begins to charge automatically. Say goodbye to tangled wires and lost charging cables. You would not be troubled by Micro cables anymore.


Safety enough:

Harmless wireless signal - the wireless signal from the charging pad does no harm to human bodies. Actually, your will charge only when it has physical contact with the wireless charging pad;

Built-in foreign object recognition - the inductive charging pad can recognize a foreign object. It will stop providing power to the until the object is removed;

Overheating prevention - our wireless charger stand can control the temperature to prevent overheating;

Overcharging prevention - the wireless charging pad can recognize the battery status and provides overcharging prevention; when your is placed on the wireless charging pad, if the battery power drops below 100%, a small amount of current will be supplied to the battery to ensure it is always fully charged.

Short-circuit protection - with short-circuit protection, you don't have to worry about your ;

Case-friendly:with a charging distance of 6mm-8mm, you don’t have to pull off and on the case every time. You just need to put your device on the wireless charger for google pixel, then it will charge immediately;

Charging everywhere:with the cableless charger, you can charge your device when you are at home, work or some other places.

We are into a new era of wireless charger. Meree works to produce the best wireless charger. We have wireless charger wholesale and provide custom wireless chargers.

Founded in 2007, Mereeis devoted to producing wireless charger. We are always committed to growing bigger and making more possibilities. Additionally, we are always concerned about seeking for long-term cooperation. Welcome to join us and make more progress together!


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