SDI Video IPTV Streamer MagicBox HD316

MagicBox HD316 SDI Video IPTV to 2 channels High def. and any resolution of streams simultaneously out in each HD Source inputsRe-processingFrame ratefrom 5fps to 30fpsImage insertionOSD insertionEnhancement filterDeinterlacing; Noise reduction; Sharpening; Visual Optimizing; FilteringVideo EncodeBitrate modeCBR, VBREncode Frame RatesEncode frame rates representing 1:1, ½ and ¼of the input frames rates are supportedNote: that the maximum encoded frame rate is 30fps when input resolution is 1920x1080H.264 EncodeMPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (ISOIEC 14496-10 MPEG-4 AVC – Rec.ITU-T H.264) Baseline Profile L3Main Profile L3 and L4High Profile L4 and L4.2Video Bitrate100kbps to 12MbpsKey Interval5-200Encode Frame RatesEncode frame rates representing 1:1, ½ and ¼of the input frames rates aresupportedNote: that the maximum encoded frame rate is 30fps when input resolution is 1920x1080Video Bitrate16kbps to 12MbpsAudio EncodeAudio encodingAAC,MP3(Option)Bit RatesRange from 48 kbps to 256 kbpsResample Rate32Khz,44.1KhzAudio ChannelL+R,L,RSystem ManagementRemoteweb management 


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