Gps Tracking Device Bracelet Watch For Kids With Gps Tracking System

Two-way callings, expedite communicationsFull closed acoustics design, clear communications. KT04 owns the function of shield, the mobile s that are bound with the watch can make a call. Safe and reliable for the parents and the child. You can add more than 60 contacts in the APP. It is easy and convenient to keep in touch with each other.       Five kinds of positionings, high accurancy KT04 adopts China Beidou satellite navigation system, America GPS, Russia Glonass, totally 3 kinds of positioning technologies. They can insure the watch has the signals anytime.   One key GPS navigationWhat should we do when the child gets lost on the way home while he or she plays with his or her friends? Don’t worry about that, one key navigation function, locate the child’s position quickly, insure that the child goes back home safely.    SMS reminder of location In order to make parents be convenient to know the child’s position, KT04 can set up the usual address, for instance, school, home, cram school etc. APP can send messages to parents’ mobile s when the child is arrived or leaving.You can handle and control the child easily.   Make friends via BluetoothMake friends via Bluetooth in the APP, chatting and sharing.Enable this function in the APP, the watch will automatically add the friends nearby. The child can make the call and send voice messages to the friends. Leave the voice messages Send voice messages and transmit the expressions of love. You can chat with the child via voice messages and lovely expressions when you are not convenient to make a call with the child. Safety area functionIs that enough to know child arrive destination safely?No, it is not enough. Safety are function can ensure child’s safety via set up safe zone. APP will be received an alarm reminder if the child crosses over the safe zone. Safety area function is like "smart eye" for child, it can guarantee the child anytime.    Mute monitoring Mute monitoring function is like the "ear" of parents. Parents only need to send particular command, KT04 will dial the mobile numbers of parents, then parents can listen to the surrounding circumstance of the child.   SOS function     There is an "SOS" button on the KT04. The watch will dial the contacts continuously until one of the contacts picks up the call when the child presses the "SOS" button. Meanwhile,  APP will push the map position link of the child to the mobile which picks up the call. Company InformationOur ServicesPacking and shippingFAQ Q1: Is this watch waterproof?A: Yes. abardeen KT04 adopts mechanical technology and nanometer technology to be waterproof. The waterproof level is IP65, it is very safe for the KT04 even though it falls into the water.  Q2: What does letter mean on the display screen?A: Letters mean that signal is strong or weak."P" means signal is strong."G" means medium. "D" means weak. "N" means no signal.  Q3: How long is stand-by time?A: Abardeen watch can be used for 2days generally. Theoretically, pure stand by time can be reached approx 100 hours. Abardeen adopts 400 MAh gel polymer lithium battery, lower heat dissipation free resistant,antiexplosion,care for kids deeply. Q4: How to use the function of  "follow my kid" A: You can click[love in companion] icon to start it only for Android 4.3 above and Bluetooth 4.0 above user.  Q5: Is it possible to monitor a kid by several cell?A: Yes.  The first three family numbers can register each [love in companion] account, and bind the same watch to monitor there kid.


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Shenzhen Continental Wireless Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China bluetooth anti-lost kid gps tracker manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, welcome...
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Shenzhen Continental Wireless Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China bluetooth anti-lost kid gps tracker manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, welcome...

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