Laser Lens SF-HD67 Replacement Parts For Xbox 360

Laser Lens SF-HD67 Replacement Parts for Xbox 360 Description:Brand new XBOX360 SF-HD67 laser lens. Compatible with XBOX 360 samsung and hitachi drive. Replacing your old lens with this new XBOX360 LHD-SF-HD67 laser lens will solve your problem. The XBOX360 SF-HD67 laser lens replacement you are seeing is original but pulled from the xbox360 Cosnole or like new part. If you're unsure of the model you need, check your current laser. The model number is imprinted on the underside of the laser. This XBOX360 SF-HD67 laser lens is compatible with your Xbox 360. Save on costly third party repairs and spend your money on new games instead. No more frustrating wait while your games load. (Less loading time = more playing time) Don't miss crucial scenes and dialogue when watching DVDs – no more annoying jumping and skipping. The replacement can correct the below problems: Your games are taking much longer than before to load. Your Xbox is having trouble reading certain games. Watching DVD's is a pain thanks to flickering screens and jumping scenes.Item: 1* Laser Lens SF-HD67 Replacement Parts for Xbox 360


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