Behind The Ear Hearing Aid Amazon BTE

Behind the Ear(BTE) hearing aid amazonBehind the ear aids (BTE) consist of a case, an ear mold or dome and a connection between them. The case contains the electronics, controls, battery, micro(s) and often the loudspeaker.        Model: G-20       Brand name: Great Ears       Product materials: ABS       Box size:120*79*33mm       Gross weight:   90gBehind the Ear or BTE hearing aids are the world's most common hearing aid style.Easy to use and easy to wear.   Product features:             1.Max sound output: 130±5dB             2.Sound gain: ≥50dB             3.Total harmonic wave distortion: ≤5%             4.Frequency range: 300Hz-4000Hz             5.Input noise: ≤40dB             6.Zinc Air battery: DC 1.5V, Current: ≤4mA             7.Power off/on switcher             8.Lasting work up to 10 days.             9.Attractive in price and quality 


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