Manual Ratchet Cable Cutter for Cu/Al cablesteel stranded wire

J50 Cutting capacity: Armored cable,ACSR, copper, aluminium cable(dia 50mm)
J75 Cutting capacity: Aluminium armored cable dia75mm, Copper armored cable 3*120mm2,Copper and aluminium cable dia 75mm
J95 Cutting capacity: Aluminium armored cable dia90mm, Copper armored cable 3*185mm2, Copper and aluminium cable dia 90mm
J100 Cutting capacity: Aluminium armored cable dia130mm, Copper armored cable 3*300mm2, Copper and aluminium cable dia 130mm
J130 Cutting capacity: Armored cable 130mm, Copper and aluminium cable dia130mm
J13 Cutting capacity: ACSR≤720mm2,Prestressed steel wire≤150mm2
J30 Cutting capacity: ACSR≤630mm2,Prestressed steel wire≤100mm2
J25 Cutting capacity: ACSR≤800mm2,Prestressed steel wire≤150mm2
J14 Cutting capacity: steel wire rope≤20mm
J25A Cutting capacity: steel wire rope≤30mm
J33 Cutting capacity: steel wire rope≤33mm
J40A Cutting capacity: Copper&Aluminum Cable ≤300mm2
J40B Cutting capacity: Copper&Aluminum Cable ≤240mm2
J40C Cutting capacity: For Big blade,Copper&Aluminum Cable ≤300mm2; For small blade,steel cable
J40D Cutting capacity: Copper&Aluminum Cable ≤300mm2
J40 Cutting capacity: Copper&Aluminum Cable ≤300mm2;
1000 pairs coommunication cable
J52 Cutting capacity: Copper&Aluminum armoured cable≤500mm2
J160 Cutting capacity: Copper&Aluminum armoured cable≤160mm


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