Air-lift Block Moulding Machine

Main features1. Using high-quality steel welding machine, hand to heat treatment, so that high mechanical strength, no deformation, can withstand the expansion force of the high density of the article.2. The use of aluminum mold frame, and mask making, stripping slope, to ensure product easy to mold. Vent uniform size, smooth supply of steam. To make products of high quality and beautiful.3. Into the main steam valve with pneumatic valve control, good sealing performance, long life.4. Steam delivery using a combination of external and internal piping, into the steam from both ends, into the steam large and uniform, steady pressure, forming a short time.5. Using a hydraulic clamping system (with fast, slow), clamping. The system is running smoothly and reliably.6. Feeder automatic feeding, feeding and diverse (side, top or both) to facilitate feeding, and high efficiency.7. Air forced cooling, high cooling efficiency. Low water content.8. Automatic computer control system, can also be semi-automatic, intermediate start and manual operation. Man-machine interface, animated images, convenient operation, the process clear.9. Has a unique overall design, the equipment beautiful, clean.10. Product weighing frame according to user requirements to purchase separately.ItemUnitCH-BC-6000-BMould Cavity Sizemm6120 x1240 x 640Block Sizemm6000 x 1200 x 600SteamEntrymmΦ150Consumptionkg/cycle45-60PressureMpa0.6-0.8Compressed AirEntrymmΦ80Consumptionkg/clcle2-2.3PressureMpa0.5-0.8Feed PortEntrance Numberpc19Entrance Sizemm60Drain OutletmmΦ150Total Exhaust PipemmΦ200RangemmΦ300Production Efficienc8g/LMin/clcle510g/LMin/clcle712g/LMin/clcle915g/LMin/clcle1218g/LMin/clcle14Fan Powerkw7.5Vacuum Pump Powerkw11/ table (two vacuum pumps)Overall Dimension(L*W*H)mm8800 x 2800 x 2600Weightkg10


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