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Description of Nano Sealed Connector

Sunkye Nano circular connectorsseries features gold alloy Twist Pin contacts, Glass-sinter sealed can withstand high temperature and high voltage.

It can meet oil exploration and other harsh environment applications. This series products widely applied in the military, land ground defense, air or areas.

Furthermore, Sunkye fully tests its hermetic Nano-D solutions to provide reliability and satisfaction to its customers. Helium leak rate is the most common and most reliable method to quantify a small leak. Based on its expertise, Sunkye' can also design tailor-made connectors to fit your application needs.

Hermetic sealed PCB connectors are used in applications where an enclosure needs to be isolated from the outside environment. Panel feed-through is the main application for this type of connector. In the vast majority of applications, the use of a hermetic encapsulate offers sufficient levels of hermeticity at a reasonable price. Only extreme environments require glass-to-metal sealing.

Sunkye is a professional medical connector suppliers, we provide d sub connector, mil spec connectors, military socket, automotive pcb connectors and etc. Want to know more, please contact us.


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