Carbon Dioxide Incubator

HH.CP Type Incubator carbon dioxide Gas set of type: CO2 temperature digital display, microcomputer intelligent controller, with the door and microbial temperature control filters, mirror stainless steel container, blind Angle circular arc form, easy to clean, match carbon dioxide special relief valves.Water jacket type: digital display microcomputer intelligent controller, take the door temperature control, biological filter and uv sterilizer, carbon dioxide with special pressure reducing valve import infrared carbon dioxide sensor.NameModel Work Dimension(mm)operating temperature(℃)Power(KW)Voltage(V)       carbon dioxide      Incubator HH.CP-01500*500*650RT+10~500.6220HH.CP-T400*500*400RT+10~500.6220HH.CP-QW500*500*650RT+10~501.2220HH.CP-TW400*400*500RT+10~501220HH.CP-OKRW500*500*650RT+10~501.2220HH.CP-CPW400*400*500RT+10~500.6220


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