Advertising outdoor LED sign board screen

FL Series

Pixel Pitch: 6mm/7mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/16mm

Cabinet Size: 914x914mm/3ftx3ft

Brightness: >7000nits

Material: Iron or Aluminum

Application:High-end OutdoorCommercial Advertising

CinstarFL is especially designed for high end outdoorcommercial advertising applicationswhich have extremely strict requirements on the LED display. Equipped with high end brand LEDs and super thin cabinet frame, FL plays an important role to deliver the commercial value of advertisement. If you are looking for high qualityoutdoor LED display, Cinstar front service screen won't disappoint you.

Excellent Module Design

Cinstarfront service module is with delicate design which enables very quick installation and reliable waterproofing. Customer is truly relieved from exhausted maintenance work. The well designed waterproof rubber ring makes sure a IP65 protection. Low failure rate.

Time Saving Front Service Screen

Front service LED displayis much easier to do maitenance than rear service screen since the defects can be seen from front. No need more time to locate the defective parts from rear side especially for agiant LED display. What more important is no need much screw works. Which saves more than 60% of maintenance time than rear service.

Concise and Reliable Cable Connection

FL is designed with thread holes for internal cable connection. No more screw fixed sockets. Much convenient to do cable layout and reduce installation time. No exposed cables at rear side of screen, looks tidy and concise.

High Contrast, Better Performance Effect

In order to guarantee the best performance ofLED display, Cinstar adopts Multi-color LEDs for FL series which provides more vivid colors and higher brigtness. The module mask is carefully chosen to improve the contrast ratio and obtain an excellent performance output.

High Brightness Circles High ROI

High brightnessmakes the screen enjoying more spectators, great to achieve commercial value. FL series using high end Multi-color LEDs which give higher brightness and better stability to LED display. Not picked on installation environment and relatively longer lifespan (less brightness loss even years of brightness decay) to ensuring better ROI.

Front Installation Available

Besides front maintenance, FL series also supports front installation. No extra space needed for rear service, just around 10mm for heat dissipation. Greatly narrow the whole depth of screen, looks slim and smart. A well installedLED displaywill definitely get more attention and bring more possible business.

Fantastic Waterproof Design

FL Series is with IP65 which makes the screen working all weather conditions even heavy rains or snows. The ventilation design helps heat dissipation and ensuring stable working at tropical or subtropical areas. A perfect choice for all kinds of outdoor applications.

More Cabinet Design for Option

If there is case which picked on screen depth, we have another thinner cabinet for option. We can always find one right solution for all of your projects.


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