GCK low voltage switchgear

GCK low voltage switchgear

Distribution Box


  GCK low-voltage switchgear is widely used in power plant, substation, power distribution center and PC motor control center MCC factories and high-rise buildings, as AC 50-60Hz, rated voltage 660V and below, rated current is 4000A and below the power supply system, power distribution, motor control, low voltage the distribution of reactive power compensation using device.

  Main technical parameters

  Rated insulation voltage: AC 660V, AC 1000V

  Rated working voltage: AC 380 V, AC 660 V

  Rated frequency: 50Hz

  Rated current: 1250~4000A

  Vertical busbar rated current: 1000A

  Maximum feed current: 2500A

  Drawer loop maximum current: 500A

  Control motor maximum capacity: 320KW

  Peak withstand current (0.1S),:63KA, 105KA, 176KA

  The horizontal bus short withstand current (1S):30 KA, 50 KA, 80 KA, 100 KA

  Vertical bus peak withstand current (0.1S):63 KA, 105 KA

  Short time withstand current (1S) of vertical bus:30 KA, 50 KA

  Rated power frequency withstand voltage (1min):2500V

  Power frequency withstand voltage (1min):2500V

  Protection level: IP30, IP40

  Dimensions (W x S x H):600 (800, 1000) x 800 (1000) x 2200 (mm)

  Use conditions

  ① Ambient air temperature is not higher than +40℃, not less than -5 ℃. Within 24 hours the average temperature shall not be higher than +35 ℃. Over time, according to the actual situation to reduce capacity operation.

  ② Indoor use, the altitude of the place of use shall not exceed 2000m.

  ③ The relative humidity will be less than 50% when the air around the highest temperature is +40 ℃, in the low temperature allowed relative humidity: +20 ~ C is 90%, due consideration should be given to the effects of temperature changes may happen.

  ④ When installation of the device and the vertical surface of the tilt is not more than 5 degrees, and the whole set of counters relatively flat (in line with the GBJ232-82 standard).

  ⑤ The device shall be installed in the place where there is no violent vibration and impact and insufficient to make the electrical components be corroded.

  ⑥ The users have special requirements, can be resolved through consultation with my company.


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