DC/DC - Fixed Input

MORNSUN 0.2-3W fixed input DC DC converter features compact size and high power density. It can be used in application where the voltage of the input MORNSUN power supplyis stable. The ultra-compact volume is an ideal solution for communications, instrumentation and industrial electronics applications. And the operating temperature range is -40°C to 85°C, even up to 105°C, which is suitable for automotive industry. We hope that those high-efficiency, excellent-quality, and cost-effective DC DC converter is an ideal fit for your application needs.

Fixed Input-FAQs

How to meet the requirement for ripple & noise when using low cost dc dc converter?

Low cost dc dc convertershave a higher requirement for ripple & noise which need furtherfiltering.There are the following measures:(1) add a capacitor at the output terminal (the function of the capacitor is to further lower ripple & noise with a relatively low frequency);2) add a PI

filter at the output terminal by filtering methods of capacitor + DM inductor + capacitor OR capacitor + CM inductor + capacitor (this method lowers ripple & noise at the same time. If thefrequency of the noise is high, it is recommended to use the pattern of capacitor + CM inductor +capacitor);(3) customers can choose a power module whose output voltage is one grade higherand add an LDO to reduce ripple & noise (for instance, customers practically need a 3.3V output

power module but there are demanding requirements for ripple & noise. Please recommendcustomer to choose a 5V output power module and add an LDO to lower it to 3.3V, and the LDOcan lower ripple & noise).

What are the minimum starting current and input current of a module?

The starting current of a module is generally about 1.4-1.6 times that of the Iin (max). Theincrease of capacitive load of the output terminal will also increase the starting current value ofthe module. It is recommended to select the forestage power supply with higher power. For theminimum input current in the unloading condition, please check the ‘No-load current’ section inthe datasheet of the corresponding module.

The module fails to start up when the capacitive load is relatively large. How to solve it?

In practical application, the capacitive load exceeds the maximum capacitive load of operating module. In addition, when the output capacitance is extremely large, large starting current is required at the moment of start-up, resulting in the failure of starting the module.

It is recommended to decrease the connected capacitance of the output terminal or add a buffer circuit at the output terminal to improve the capacity of the module to withstand capacitive load

What problems will be caused and how to avoid them if a module starts up with an input voltage lower than the minimum rated one?

The module may be damaged when it starts up at a voltage that is lower than that of input voltage range. Because there is no under-voltage protective circuits for the wide input voltage converters.

The starting voltage should be determined on the basis of the threshold voltage of MOSFET and soft starting circuit, and the starting voltage of the MOSFET is 2V or more lower than that of the minimum input voltage of the module.

In this circumstance, lower voltage input requires higher input current so as to supply equal power; the power module is susceptible to damage in a higher input current condition.

(1) It should be ensured that the actual input voltage is in the rated range specified in the datasheet;

(2) it is recommended to add an input under-voltage protective circuit on the front-terminal of the module in accordance with the Wide Input Voltage DC/DC Converter Application Guide.

Why is there high noise when the fixed input voltage product is used as the power source of the relay?

There is high reflected ripple during the operation of the relay.

It is recommended to implement some filtering measures or add a Y capacitor between the input and output grounds.

As a dc dc converter manufacturers, we will make no spare efforts to help consumers.


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