3D Mini Keyboard Controller For Vehicle PTZ Camera BR-CB01

Producing newest 3d mini keyboard controller for vehicle ptz camera with high-quality,Website:http://www.brvision.org, Brvision Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the best such manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy discount 3d mini keyboard controller for vehicle ptz camera from us.Mini 3D & 2D Keyboard Controller,The keyboard controller is used for terminal receivers such as the intelligent speed dome etc. It is very easy for operating and setting the speed dome camera. The controller is also to control the terminal receiver to achieve the function of controlling pan/tilt, lens and etc.Item No.BR-CB01AUTOTo control auto-horizontal rotation for Pan/TiltLENS CTRL SWITCHTo select the following function è IRIS / FOCUS / ZOOMIRIS OPEN / FOCUS NEAR / ZOOM WIDEto execute the function which [LENS CTRL SWITCH] selected, there is three function è IRIS OPEN / FOCUS NEAR / ZOOM WIDE IRIS CLOSE / FOCUS FAR / ZOOM TELEto execute the function which [LENS CTRL SWITCH] selected , there is three function: iris close, focus far, zoom teleON/MENUSwitch on the setting of function./OSD MENUOFFSwitch off the setting of functionSHOTTo call cruising trackCAM/IDSelect address of the intelligent Speed DomeCLEARTo clear inputted data0-9Number keyEnterTo confirmPower supplyDC 12V


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