FBT Coupler Splitter

FBT splitter is an optical splitter that uses the Fused Biconical Taper (FBT) technique for splitting optical power and/or splitting wavelengths. The fused fiber coupler is created through a process of fusing two bare fibers pulling the fused section to achieve the desired optical characteristics.

The OPC 1600 FBT optical splitting platform launched by Sintai Communication Co., Ltd can fully duplicate one or more copies of data to downstream equipment to guarantee the stability and reliability of the data collection without affecting the original link.

The product adopts the modular design, and the 1U chassis provides 4 optical splitting single-board slots and supports mixed insertion for various types of optical splitting single-board. The splitting ratio is optional, which can satisfy the data mirroring and collection in all application scenes. The product passes the Telcordia GR-1221-CORE test and complies with RoHS requirements.

FBT Coupler Splitter Feature

The most flexible architecture: with modular design, the 1U chassis contains four slots, which support each type of optical single-board mixing, which can meet the application of all kinds of spectral ratios and the same platform.

The highest level of integration: a single 1 u equipment support 32 groups 1 in 2 (arbitrary ratio), 24 groups 1 3 (arbitrary ratio), 16 groups 1 4 (arbitrary ratio), 8 groups 1, and 8 (arbitrary ratio).

Safety and reliability: the splitter adopts high-quality passive devices, and the insertion loss meets domestic and international multiple standards; There is no impact on the trunk business signal.

Convenience: all interfaces use the front panel, the interface type is unified as the most common LC/PC interface in the industry, the replacement of the splitter requires only the card.

Low cost-effective: the early construction can be on-demand configuration spectral veneer, chassis with redundant slot convenient late capacity allocation, compared to traditional machine package the beam splitter can only through the device stack capacity, greatly reduce the input of chassis and engine room space of investment.

FBT Coupler Splitter Specification





Working wavelength




Insertion loss

60: 40

60%≤2.70; 40%≤4.70

60%≤3.20; 40%≤5.20


70: 30

70%≤1.90; 30%≤6.00

70%≤2.50; 30%≤6.50

80: 20

80%≤1.20; 20%≤7.90

80%≤1.40; 20%≤9.00

90: 10

90%≤0.80; 10%≤11.60

90%≤1.30; 10%≤12.00

70: 15: 15

70%≤1.90; 15%≤9.00

70%≤2.50; 15%≤10.50

80: 10: 10

80%≤1.20; 10%≤11.60

80%≤1.20; 10%≤12.00

70: 10: 10: 10

70%≤1.90; 10%≤11.60

70%≤2.50; 10%≤12.00

60: 20: 10: 10

60%≤2.70; 20%≤7.90; 10%≤11.60

60%≤3.20; 20%≤9.00; 10%≤12.00

Polarization-dependent loss








Return loss




Working temperature




Guangzhou Sintai Communication Co., Ltd, which was founded in early 2013, is specialized in the optical transmission field with R&D, production, sales and customer service. We provide splitter fbt, dwdm multiplexerand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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