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【Quality】 new original, imported authentic

【Guarantee】 one year warranty

Product advantages:

Rockwell: Allen-Bradley

1) ControlLogix 1756 series controller

2) CompactLogix 1769 series controller

3) SLC 500 1747 1746 Series Controller

4) PLC-5 1771 1785 series controller


1) AC800M series controller i / O module

2) AC800F series controller module

3) AC31 series controller module

4) 800xA series modules

5) Bailey INFI 90 module

6) DSQC robot module spare parts

7) Advant OCS system spare parts

Bentley: Bently 3500 System Card

Emerson Emerson:

1) Ovation System DCS Card

2) DeltaV system DCS card

Invensys Triconex Card: Tricon System Card

Invensys Foxboro: I / A Series System Module

Siemens (Siemens):

1) Siemens MOORE

2) Siemens S5

Rexroth Indramat:I / O module, PLC controller, drive module

Chelic SV-8103

Norgren R08-000-RGMO

SMC VCL21-5DL-2-01-​F

Speedaire 2Z436

Daikin JS-G02-2CB-11

Daikin MT-02A-11

GC S301YF16V3BD5

Norgren R24-200-RGFA

Schrader 3214H

SMC CDM2B40-250A

Nachi SL-G01-A3X-R-E1​-31

Nachi OW-G01-B1-CR-D2​-3104B

Bosch 1815500278

SMC AL50-N06-Z

Numatics I12SS4152


Numatics 123SS500K000030​

Parker 07R213AB

Mac 92B-000-BN2

SMC 11104-40B



Parker 07E21A13AC

SMC SX3240-5L0S


Parker 4512BG20AFAA53

Daikin MT-02W-50

Ross 1223A1005

Sperry DGMX1-3-PP-BW-2​0-JA

Festo MN1H-2-1-MS

Numatics 082SA432K

Parker 4510BG20ABAE53

Bosch 0821300922

CKD 4KA140-C2

Numatics L22LD452O000000​


Daikin SF-G02-150-15

Nachi OGS-G01-PCC-AK-​D2-5726B

Sanai Y-301

Konan S211AH02T2EG5

Norgren F74G-4AD-QD1

Sanyo A7-1-20050-1B

Dixon CB6-02MM3

CKD 4F220-08

CKD 1237-4C-F1J

Numatics 152SS425K000030​

Norgren F11-200-M3PA

Chia Wang MBR-02-P

Schrader FAC108121

Numatics S2AM-01A1C-CAA2


Norgren L07-200MPAA

Parker 14R110FC

Numatics 122RQ100J016W

Numatics L32L-06M

Numatics 122RQ100J016W

Wilkerson F30-06-G00A D92

Vickers DG4V3-0BL-MWLB-​40

Numatics KDMM032N015000

Nachi OCY-G01-B-X-20

MAC 587F-04-25

SMC AW3000-03BD

Parker 4F42EDMLOS

Bosch 3842235461

OLD CQ2D25-20D

OLD CM2L20-150A

SMC CQ1B50-10S

SMC VS3115-025DBL

Vickers DGMPS-3-B-1-10

Vickers DG4V32C

Vickers DGMPS-3-B-1-11

Parker VT40N06Y

Norgren L74M-4AP-EDN

SMC VX2231-00-5DZ1

Nachi OG-G01-B1-20

Numatics 123BA400MP14D

SMC VX2320

Vickers DG4V3-2A-MWLB

Parker 14R115FC

MAC 6311D-000-PM-11​1DA

SMC ISG130-030

Bosch 0820022026

Parker D1VW20B5Y

Vickers FNM-3A-30-JA

SMC VF3230-5DZ-02

Nachi OY-G01-T-20

Nachi OY-G01-T-11

Nachi OG-G01-AC-K-20

GC S301YF16V8BD5

SMC VHS4510-04-X1

Numatics F50B-06

Parker CKC2ANU14A14AC

Schrader 1.06DSRB05.0

Numatics L22BB452B

Bosch 0820005101


Nachi S-G01-A3X-GRZ-D​2-32

Festo LFR-D-7-5M-MIDI​-A-SA

Nagano LF205PEW-UL



Numatics R50R-06

CKD 3KA110-C2


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