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Xiatong Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd specializes in sales of large-scale imports of various brands of DCS system module spare parts:ABB, AB, Siemens, BENTLY, SchneiderEMERSON, GE, Honeywell series, and other large modules.

Such as the market discontinued products or difficult to find the product spare parts. welcome you to inquire! It is our pleasure to serve you!

warranty : 1 year

Namco EE530-73402

GE CR115GW11137 

Omron TLE-X10MC1

Omron D5B8023

Omron Z15GW44A5-5-B5V

Turck 5-M18-AZ3X

Efector 8036C15NL3DX

Omron E32-T12F

Lubriquip 542-210-107

Digital BN34A-4E

Amphenol 41210030261

Efector IZB308BPKG/V2A

Warner 650-2399-017

GO Switch 7C-23658-EBB

Hewlett HFBR-ELS008


Omron E3MC-Y81 

Schmersal AZ/AZM415-B2

Turck 25-G47-AN6

Warner 612-1336-607

Lumberg RKMWV3224/2

Omron Z15GDA55B5V

Namco EA060-51100

Namco EA760-10001

Allen Bradley 871C-J2A12

Balluff 516-426-BO-L-03


Weed 713PD-U-17

Micro CP18LAAD2

Amphenol 41210030253

Amphenol 41210030202

Merlin Gerin 6761281XD-2D

Allen Bradley 80165-078-52-R

Allen Bradley 86001954P

Allen Bradley OS5580

Forry 220183

Unico 309-595.6

UNICO 306-5673

Allen Bradley 80165-658-54-R

Take Systems LCDXROM2-01

MECC 920214B

Reliance Electric 45C201C

ISI Robotics A6A161I

Allen Bradley 8500-HDM

Allen Bradley 2700C-S2

Merlin Gerin 6716709XD-2E

Beck 13-2243-13 

Allen Bradley 80165-718-51-R

GE IC600CB501A

Yamatake IP313M0MA0000

Merlin Gerin 6730714F


Speedstar J.75V1B3N

Robicon 46362502

Yaskawa JANCD-MI010

Fisher 30B4113X012

Pillar AB22001 

OKK YM9095330A

Merlin 6716781XD-2D

GE 193X241AAG01

Yaskawa YPLT31001-1D 

Pillar Technologies AB14663 






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