GE 1C31166G01/1C31169G02 

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Xiatong Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd specializes in sales of large-scale imports of various brands of DCS system module spare parts:ABB, AB, Siemens, BENTLY, SchneiderEMERSON, GE, Honeywell series, and other large modules.

Such as the market discontinued products or difficult to find the product spare parts. welcome you to inquire! It is our pleasure to serve you!

warranty : 1 year

BDC J48G-018-14-22CF31

Yaskawa DF9200745-A0

Bailey 6632100A1

Epic 22858-2L

Epic 22857-L

Yaskawa JARCR-XFL02B

Reliance 0-48680-101

Allen Bradley 1741A30C

Vee-Arc 900-906

Tenor TF24120604

Square D STI980205-02-22

Reliance 41571013A

Generic CAB02102

Reliance 0-55307-1

Yushin YV970021IO

Western Reserve 1771-JMBJ

Inland C-78354

Reliance MD-B3003B

Mitsubishi TM130RZ-H

Trane 40200792 

Mikro 04M028-00

Omron PJVOP140

Banner MGAB-4

Yaskawa JANCD-MM14D

Allen Bradley A42305-118-51

GE V271DA40 

Siemens S26391-F133-L100

Advantech PCL-724

Grayhill 70RCK8-HL

Fuji N119-1013

Allen Bradley 80159-693-53-R

Toshiba MG50G6EL1

Sola 81-05-230-01

Bailey 6637293A1

Protech 47-21776-01

Cornell Dubilier CE741402-12

Mars 90294

GE General 9F60MCB218

Fuji BU-JSB2225

Bussmann KTN600

Bussmann KTNR600

Gould FTS175R

Fuji BB2BSB040

Fuji BB2ASB015

Fuji BUECA2015

Fuji BB2BSB030

Turck WKM36-4M

Fuji BU-ECA3040

Fuji BU-ECA3015

Fuji BU-ECA3005

Turck WKM46-4M

Fuji BU-ECA3010



ABB S273K16A

General TEB111015

NIB BAB2130311

NIB BAB2150361

NIB BAB2120311 

Littelfuse L50S60

Matsushita BAB2150361

Matsushita BAB2120311

Matsushita BAB2150311

Matsushita BAB2130711

Matsushita BAC101305

Ferraz Shawmut N217523

Fusetron FRN-R-90

Littelfuse NLN040

Fusetron FRS-R-3

Reliance Electric 2GU51010

Baldor ZD18H515-E

Indramat TVM2.1-050-W1-115

MTS MPA05460370

Baldor ZD18H510-E

Kollmorgen SE06200Y066

Emerson FX-4120

Cutler-Hammer SV9F20AC-5M0B06

Moog 151F423A1

Omron 3G3XV-AB022-CE 

Yaskawa DR2-01ACPY7

Georgii Kobold KFU4-230DF3

Adept 90400-65111

Galil DMC-2240

Bosch EBX200-T

Yaskawa CPCRFR02RB7R4M

Velconic VLBSE-07520-BCG008

Automotion ALC1501-010-102R

Yaskawa CPCRFR05RB7R8S




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