ABB GJR5253100R0160

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Xiatong Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd specializes in sales of large-scale imports of various brands of DCS system module spare parts:ABB, AB, Siemens, BENTLY, SchneiderEMERSON, GE, Honeywell series, and other large modules.

Such as the market discontinued products or difficult to find the product spare parts. welcome you to inquire! It is our pleasure to serve you!

warranty : 1 year

Philips 940792​300001

Philips 9405115902471

Philips 940437810621

Philips 940442901111

Philips 94044584​0021
Murr MCS10-3x400-430​V
Mitsubishi FR-S520S-1.5K-EC

Mitsubishi FX1S-2OMT-DSS

Measurex 05371400

Measurex 05362900

Measurex 05377900

Measurex 05293700

Measurex 05356702

Measurex 05330800

Measurex 05294200

Measurex 05287000

Measurex 05379100

Measurex 05335000

Leuze 50105479

Leuze DD55

Leuze SLS89

Lenze 630

Lenze EVS9322-CPV003

Lenze EVB8212-E

Lenze FS21002-32-07

Lenze EMB9351-E

Lauer PM-S1500tc

Krom IFS244-5/1W

Krom MPT608

Knoll 240955
Klöckner EBE355552

Klöckner EBE275.3

Klöckner EBE242A

Klöckner EBE275.2-2

Klöckner P10-400

Klöckner NZMH4-10-CNA

Klockner EBE240A-1

Klöckner EBE240.1

Klöckner EBE266.1-3

Klöckner EBE296

Klöckner EBE240

KLöckner EBE206.1

Klockner EBE236

Klöckner S201-EL300

Klöckner NZMH4-1000

Klöckner BK-BP1.1

Klöckner BK-BP2.1

Klöckner AIM61.2

Klöckner EB390.1

KLöckner EBE206.1

Klöckner EB370.1

Klöckner EB310.3

Klockner EBE231B

Klöckner BKBP2.1

Klöckner 00-44

Klockner EBE239-K

Klöckner MB1
Minimax 815689
Jumo MDA1-48/1
Indramat 1.1-050-300-W1

Indramat 1.2-050-300-W1-​000

Indramat 1.2-030-300-W1-​202

Indramat 2.1-30-300WO

Indramat 1.1-20-W1




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