Siemens 6AR1301-0DB10-0AA0

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Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: AB
Type: Electronic Component
Condition: new Original
Warranty: 1 Year
Lead Time: 3DAYS
Shipping term: TNT DHL FEDEX EMS UPS

We supply

Rockwell (A-B): 1756,1785,1771,1746,1747,1769,1794,1784 etc., and some discontinued spare parts.
SCHENIDER: Modi Quantum 140 series processors, control cards, power modules, etc.
GE FANUC FANUC: IC697, IC693, IC695, IC200, DS200, DS3800,
Siemens ((MOORE); 6ES5, 6ES7 (400 series, part) 6DD, 6DS, 6GK, 6A V, 6RA (some models)
ABB: Robot Control System DSQC Series
BAILEY: 3500 and discontinued spare parts
Westinghouse: OVATION system, WDPF system, WEStation system spare parts
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Siemens 3VL9300-3MN00

Siemens 2KG31300VC500CD​0

Schneider BRS39BW760ACA

Mannesmann MU40-1500

ALPHA LP120-M02-50-111-​000

Optima 120S-MF1-7-0J1-​3S

Orient 5RK90GU-CWE

Wittenstein LP070S-MF2-30-1​D1-3S

Siemens 6SL3501-0BE08-6​AA0

Wittenstein TP025-MF1-7-0G1​-2S

Wittenstein TP025G-MF1-7-0G​0-2S

Siemens 8PV5320-0AA10

Dunkermotoren DR62.0X80-2

SEW Eurodrive PSCZ222

Dunkermotoren DR62.0X80-2

LABEL-AIRE 7600003-803

Optima 010S-MF2-70-0B1​-2S

Wittenstein SP060S-MF1-5-0E​1-2S

BAUTZ E543A-MC-008D-6


Siemens 3RW3026-1BB14

SIKO IGH58-K-Y-500ZN​D215T4

Alpha SP100-MX1-8.2E

Alpha SP100-MC2-20-15​1-000




Wittenstein LP070-M01-10-11​1-000

Alpha SP100-MC2-16-05​1-000

Kern GM92M-378

Wittenstein TP025S-MF2-35-0​E1-2S

Lenze Getriebemotor GKR04-2M

Vogel Getriebe 470211

Alpha Getriebe SP100-MX1-8.2-0​21-001


Iskra 11.216.902

Alpha Getriebe SP100-MF2-16-03​1-000

Alpha Getriebe SP100-MF2-20-OG​O-2S

Alpha Getriebe SP100-MX2-12-03​1-001

Dunkermotoren DR62.0X80-4

Siemens 1FL3042-0AC31-0​BK0

ALPHA LP120M015111000


Siemens 1LA7130-4AA66

ALPHA 120-M01-10-111-​000

Iskra AMJ5862

Beckhoff AS1060-1120

Siemens 3RW3044-1AB14

Groschopp WK1100302

Pfeffer&Partner RPL601SK

Magmotor 720102821

Stegmann T12100FM3130

Alpha Getriebe LP090-MO1-5-111-000

Alpha Getriebe SP075S-MC1-7-0E0-​2K

Alpha Getriebe SP 075S-MC1-7-0E0-​2K

Stöber ANG0280ME10


Stöber ANG0083ME10

ALPHA Getriebe TP 025-MF2-31-031-​000

Alpha Getriebe TP 025-MF1-10-041-​000

Alpha Getriebe HG+ 075S-MF2-20-6C1​-1S10

Alpha Getriebe 075S-MF2-12-6E1​-1S10

Alpha Getriebe 075S-MF1-7-5E1-​1K00

Alpha Getriebe 075-M1-10

Phytron 02005680

Phytron 10007503

Phytron 10010112

Siemens 6SL3203-0CD22-2​AA0


Witzenmann FSP06.100

ifm 376871-53

Minebea 23KM-KJ33-04

Dunkermotoren 62.1X30-2

Siko AG03-0012

Lenze Getriebemotor SSN31-1UHAR-055​C22

Alpha Getriebe LP90-M01-5-111-00​0

Siemens 1LA7083-4AA13-Z

Siemens 1LA7090-4AA13-Z

Siemens 6SE7018-0ES87-2​DC0

Lenze SSN31-1UVCR-056​C22

Oriental 5RK40G-CWM

Siemens 6FX2001-2NB00

Rexroth RZW011037NNN

Bodine 42R5BFPP-E2

Alpha 075S-MF1-7-030-​000

ALPHA 025-SF1-5-041-0​00

Ott 402743-1


Rockwell 2090-XXLF-375

SEW 8241929.12.11


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