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1. We will ship the items within 2-3 working days after the payment is reached.
2. All the goods will be tested before shipment.
3. Packing in professional anti-static bag.
4. We can ship to you by DHL/UPS/EMS/Fedex... Pls contact us directly and we will ship as your requirement.
5. We provide 1 year warranty
100% T/T before shipping. If large quantity, could negotiate.

Please feel free to send us any question you may have, we are happy to answer!

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Mitsubishi BN624A534H01

Ogura MNB1.2G-06

Tamagawa BKO-NC6062

Mitsubishi BN624E525H01

Mitsubishi BN624A377

Nemicon RFH1024-22-1M

Sunnen MBB-1600

Hirotaka-Seiki PB-160-2025-28

Hirotaka-Seiki JPB-160-2025-28

Fanuc A80L-0026-0002

Naka 64KBP6431

GE A81L-0001-0164

Mazak V-550

Fuji LCM3W44UU

Matsuura MC-710V-2

Riken O-CHS-443

Riken AD-40E

Nachi VDC-1B-2A3-U-60​71B

Federal Cat# T4T30

Daykin GPFS-15

Ebbco EDM-150-SC-LP

Baldor 8123WD

Hurco BMC4020HT/M

Ebbco HRF-155-LP


EI C-8172-1030G

MicroCentric CB65-D

Fanuc A80L-0001-0079-​07

Fanuc A80L-0001-0089-05

Fanuc A81L-0001-0139

Fanuc A80L-0026-0016

Ebbco EDM-D1-1

Mitsubishi DWC90SZ


Fanuc A80L-0001-0088-​07

Showa 10868-2

Fanuc A80L-0001-0275-​03

GE A80L-0001-0273

Daykin DTFP-0501

Schrader B20131423

Fanuc A80L-0001-0272-​03

Mitsubishi MC724D-1

Fanuc A80L-0001-0365-02

Tsubakimoto TGX70-H

Skinner 3910-53

Fanuc A80L-0001-0454-02

OLD 881TAB-K450

Fanuc A80L-0001-0275

Fanuc A80L-0001-0454-​03

Shinko M-3000S2

Mitsubishi QA-703-1

Fanuc A80L-0001-0426-​01

GE A81L-0001-0127-​02


Square D MN100G0

Mitsubishi BN634A233G52

Allen-Bradley 63462401

Allen-Bradley 102851

Yaskawa X-010063

Miyano TSV-23

Sharnoa SE162

Sharnoa SE171K

Sharnoa SE300-1

Force MB-210-510-05

Mitsubishi DWC90SZ

Habermann 3102-0026-00000

Fanuc A80L-0001-0271-​03

Fanuc A80L-0001-0274-​03

Daykin DTFP-1301

Fanuc A80L-0001-0453

Manufacturing 10-S-278

Fanuc A80L-0001-0274

Trasfor TNT-BN-4K/E

Fanuc A80L-0001-0273-​03

Sharnoa SE-148K

Gomi Z90-16638-50

Fanuc A80L-0001-0274

Transformer BKO-NC6851

Sharnoa SE-138-1

Fanuc A80L-0001-0142-​02

A-Ryung AMGP-01A

Sola 63-00210-0800-2​3

NSK W3024-334DT-C2Z​

Sharnoa SE-79E

GE 9T58B70

Sola 63-23-175-8

GE 9T58B3396

Transformer VK45II


Daykin DIFP-0707

Siemens 4EP4000-3DB

Miki BXM-05-10

Transistor SPS-2650

Acme TA-1-81220-1

Square D SK2000A2

Matsuura MC-800V-DC


Okuma E-2530-254-008

Dongan 85-1040SH

Square D SK5271X

Sola 23-26-150

Powertran 2250-TRK-3

Fuji RDS-0.88

Acme T-2-53013-4S

Square D 9070SK5271J

GE 9T58B3222


GE A81L-0001-0120

GE A81L-0001-0120-​02

GE A81L-0001-0120-​03

Siemens 25-135-326-001

Mitsubishi B-AL-30k

Jefferson 211-0051-055

Okuma E-2530-254-020


Fukuda H20-1010

Sharnoa SE174L

Stabipack SJX-A2403

Gomi MTR-117

Daykin LTFS-03


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