BENTLY 3500/53 

Company name : Wuhan Xiatong Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd
whatsapp&mobile: +86-17354319552
QQ: 2747366625
Contact: Sophia
Main brand:AB ABB GE Siemens Bently Schneider Emerson Honeywell

2000+ suppliers with us, we could help you to get any components which is difficult to get.

1. We will ship the items within 2-3 working days after the payment is reached.
2. All the goods will be tested before shipment.
3. Packing in professional anti-static bag.
4. We can ship to you by DHL/UPS/EMS/Fedex... Pls contact us directly and we will ship as your requirement.
5. We provide 1 year warranty
100% T/T before shipping. If large quantity, could negotiate.

Please feel free to send us any question you may have, we are happy to answer!

Quote to you within the shortest possible time with our best price.

Dayco PE172A-DAYCO

Moog B97012-024

Westinghouse IQ504B

Graco 24A778

Eaton ECN2201AAC

General THE277Y150PP

Peco D3820 

Jamesbury 815L-11-3600-TT

Crouse-Hinds AFA10

Atlas 8433056003

Megger DET20C

General 9503211EAB271

Allen Bradley 2711-T10C20L1

Square D SQO10-X11

Fisher 3611JPR

General TPME277Y08PP

Asco 242228-001-F

Gemtor SRL-30SERB

Allen Bradley 837-A7E

Cutler Hammer 14977H26B


Saftronics SY6-9

Parker L6653921149

Cummins 622-140-6535

Aimuryu U350SD

EM 3RK13000GS011AA3

Flex-Core CTL-5000T



Cutler-Hammer D300RMU300

Sylvania HLA-3

Asco 8320A190

Graco 24A529

Allen Bradley 2755-DD1A-B1-R1

Dayco R5VX1800-5


CTC 2700AP-10-0

Versa VSG-2721-G-10-A120

Vickers 923252

Clark T13U031-46

Cutler-Hammer W240MLCFC

T.M. Smith Tool 223-230

Square D 8430-V3460

Cutler-Hammer D200EZM100

SMC MXS25-125

Agastat 7022AHH2

Apollo Ball 83A-248-60

Dynapar A2540960011

Electroswitch 505A716G05

Fenwal 23-021100-000

Parker D3W20BNYCS45

Crouse-Hinds AFU0333



Westlock 2217-BY-H11

Asco NP831665V

Westlock 2217-BY-H11

Square D 8536SCG3V01H109SX22

Goodyear 14GTR-3304-68

Honeywell S7800A1167

Cutler-Hammer IQMSSPM

Allen Bradley 845F-SJGZ14CMY2

GE 9F60MCB218

Dwyer 4300B-W37N

Saftronics SY6-09

Hubbell 2210-142CC13FS

Flex-Core CTL-1000HT

NTN 22222BD1C3

Nibco T-113-3

Mercoid 1005-B3-D

Quartech 8712

Honeywell C70351064J

Allen Bradley 500F-D0H930

Hubbell HBL26410

ATC 306E019A00PX

Asco 8300D58G

Asco 8220G5

Carlo RSHR4038CV20

Milbank U7421-RL

Furnas 14CSC32BFB


ATC 309E011A04XX

ATC 309E014A04XX

Square D SBG2V81

Asco ZB8342G001MS

Cutler-Hammer AGSHWCH120N05HS


Maple MAP522B-002

Dynapar 31X0060100005

Airgas Y11-LC241D320

Allen Bradley 190S-END3-FC25C

Honeywell W974B1006

Asco ZB8342G001

DynaLock 2011-US28

ATC 309E008A04XX

Bodine GTD20

Dynapar HR62510000101

WeldCraft WP-18V-25-R

Milbank U7423-RXL


至: 武汉夏通自动化设备有限公司
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