GE IC693CPU363

Company name : Wuhan Xiatong Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd
whatsapp&mobile: +86-17354319552
QQ: 2747366625
Contact: Sophia
Main brand:AB ABB GE Siemens Bently Schneider Emerson Honeywell

2000+ suppliers with us, we could help you to get any components which is difficult to get.

1. We will ship the items within 2-3 working days after the payment is reached.
2. All the goods will be tested before shipment.
3. Packing in professional anti-static bag.
4. We can ship to you by DHL/UPS/EMS/Fedex... Pls contact us directly and we will ship as your requirement.
5. We provide 1 year warranty
100% T/T before shipping. If large quantity, could negotiate.

Please feel free to send us any question you may have, we are happy to answer!

Quote to you within the shortest possible time with our best price.

Bodine GTD20

Dynapar HR62510000101

WeldCraft WP-18V-25-R

Milbank U7423-RXL

Carlo RSE4025-C

Hoffman HJ1816WLG

Graco 288223

Cutler-Hammer C340GL


General PLE3ESDG

Dayco 1540XH200

Eagle HP517B6

ITT 100P1-3C3

Danfoss 037N0036

Watlow 985A-3DD0-0000

MC A40-04008-01100

ASEA RK225052-CN

ASEA RK211037-AD

Allen Bradley 845N-SJDN3-CGY1


Allen Bradley 500L-B0B92

Divelbiss PIC-AB-01

Namco EA70076100

Westinghouse HDT23SF1

REA 058.875.100

ASCO 8340A6M0

Graco 24A695

Ashcroft ASH-KS-7-S20-42-C1

Westlock 2217N-BY-H50

Niscon BN-700V-20


Stegmann 61114311500

Schmersal AES2336

General CR120B04222

Cutler-Hammer C341BS

ASCO EF8344G70

Pepperl+Fuchs NJ 2-FD1-1.875-Y93290

ASEA RK411171-DA

MIKI CS-06-3324V12JIS

KEB 15.E5.T60-10F1

Heidenhain ROD426E-500

InterlinkBT FDNP-S0008H-TT

Namco EA70040100

Parker 04F30U3204ABF4C01

Allen-Bradley 836T-T252JX15

Topworx 81-20516-A15

Siemens 3RX1702

Eagle DA1011A303

Pyle JWPLD-86046

Namco EA70010000

Wilkerson FR1000-SP0532

General CR120B02202

Keyence SJS020

Flex-Core CTA212K

Flex-Core CTA112H

Shanghai ZDBS/ST250

ASEA RK271005-AN

ABB 2CCS863017R0707

ASCO EF8320G41 

Joslyn 1261-49-TNS

Pyle JWPLD-86046

Hitachi AVR08H

Arrow Hart 3186Y30J90999CJ

Cutler-Hammer C0300C2A

Production MDT-01B

Johnson G770RJA-1C

Cutler-Hammer 151D995G04

Load 2200-40

ASCO 8300G68F

ASCO SK195537

Diversified TDT24AKA060

Honeywell R7848A1008

New 5U4-76

Parker AL11A23Y002

Veeder-Root 713802-100

BEI 924-01002-335

Agastat EGPB004 

Harris V112BB60 

Honeywell Q667B1020

ABB 2CCS862017R0627

Joslyn 1261-49-TNS

Precise 4221-A130

Furnas 14CP14BF

York 02535133000


Cutler-Hammer D300DOM1615A

Parker 08F23C2240ACFGE05F

Agastat 7012EK

Belimo LM24-MFT

Carrier HH57ZC003

Honeywell P7730A1019

McDonnell SA150-125

Cutler-Hammer C0150E3C

Pair of Fafnir 3MM206WI

Asco 8266D86V

Westlock 2217-BY-H10

Electro 85002A25

Bimba DW-502-2EE3

STI 44527-0020


至: 武汉夏通自动化设备有限公司
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