KMO-M655F-10X Yamaha Sensor TAKEX DZ-7232-PM

Product Description
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland), China
Demoulding: Automatic
Heating Syste: Electronic
Function:High Temperature Resistance
Automatic Grade: Semiautomatic
Warranty: 6 months

Shipping and Payment
1.Packaging : foam and carton
1). We ship to world wide
2). Most orders ship within 1~7days after payment
3). Item shipped from china mainland using airmail by EMS, DHL,or Hong Kong post,we accept the customer's shipping request
4).100%T/T before shipment, after we shipped the goods, we will you the shipping information.

Fuji NXT 12MM Wirerope
Fuji NXT H01 Flat Filter
Fuji NXT H01 Filter Holder
Fuji NXT V12 Fixture
Fuji NXT Soft thimble with holder
GGAJ0401 Fuji NXT V12 Fixture
GGPH2991 Fuji XPF Roller
SMT Fuji H01 Filter
Fuji H01 Flat Filter
Fuji H01 Filter with Holder
Fuji H08 Filter and Holder
Fuji H12 Filter Holder
Fuji H24 Filter Holder
SMT Fuji H24 Filter
H1019M Fuji NXT Battery
H5066E Fuji XPF Ball Bearing
H55103 Fuji XPF Cover Screw
JRG0011 Fuji Machine parts
JRG0781 THK RSR 9WVM Slide
K5357M Fuji NXT Feeder Screw
K51757 Fuji NXT Screw
K52542 Fuji NXT V12 Screw
N1085A Fuji NXT Screw
N4018A Fuji NXT M3X3 Screw
Fuji NXT 24MM Wirerope
PB01631 Fuji NXT Feeder Upper Cover
PB01643 Fuji NXT Feeder Keypad Sticker
PB01862 Fuji NXT Gesr
PB77371 Fuji NXT Cutter Cover
PG00974 Fuji NXT Feeder O-Ring
PH00310 Fuji NXT H08 Filter Holder
PH00574 Fuji NXT H12 Filter Holder
PH00750 Fuji NXT Gear
PH00983 Fuji NXT Wirerope BKT
PH00991 Fuji NXTII O-Ring
PH01681 Fuji NXT Roller
PH01713 Fuji NXT Wirerope Stopper
PH02061 Fuji NXT Machine parts
PJ00143 Fuji NXT Roller
PJ00162 Fuji NXT Gear
PJ00172 Fuji NXT Gear
PJ02960 Fuji NXT Switch
PJ03850 FIJI NXT Cover
PM0DDN0 Fuji NXT Feeder Screw
PM06AR6 Fuji NXT Machine parts
PM08XK3 Fuji NXT Screw
PM01670 Fuji NXT Fixed Holder 
PM03542 Fuji NXT Feeder Wirewope PIN
PM03633 K5357T PM03842 PM26891 Fuji NXT Feeder gear
PM03884 Fuji NXT Spacer
PM03956 Fuji NXT Feeder PIN
PM03965 Fuji NXT Feeder PIN
PM26900 Fuji NXT Feeder BOLT
PM38991 Fuji NXT Feeder Screw
PM56403 Fuji NXT Sensor Bolt
PM56542 Fuji NXT PIN
PM58903 PM58900 Fuji NXT Chute
PM92591 Fuji NXT Spacer
PM96381 Fuji NXT Washer
PMODDN0 Fuji NXT Screw
PP02584 Fuji NXT Plate
PP02625 Fuji NXT Feeder Handle
PP02632 Fuji NXT Washer
PP02683 Fuji NXT Feeder Cover
PP02693 Fuji NXT Washer
PP02742 Fuji NXT Machine parts
PP03342 PP03341 Fuji NXT Washer
PS03562 Fuji NXT V12 Machine parts
PT01862 Fuji NXT Feeder Plate
PT01940 Fuji NXT Gear
PZ02392 Fuji NXT Feeder Wirewope Switch
PZ02402 Fuji NXT Feeder Spring
PZ37451 Fuji NXT Feeder Spring
PZ43291 Fuji NXT 8MM Wirewope
PZ45640 Fuji NXT Feeder Spring
PZ46891 Fuji NXT Feeder Spring
RH02451 Fuji NXT Haeness
RH02471 Fuji NXT Power Line
W10076 Fuji NXT Washer
XB03004 Fuji NXTII Screw Rod
XH00200 Fuji NXT Power Harness
XH00400 Fuji NXT H04 H04SF H04S H08 Filter
XH00560 Fuji NXT H01 Filter
XK00020 Fuji NXT Feeder Sensor Plate
XK00030 Fuji NXT Feeder Sensor Plate

Customer Service Manager
1.Quality problems package returned within 7 days
2.15 days no reason to exchange goods
3.Welcome to visit the company if you have interest
4.Regular visits to old customers
5.Professional engineers to guidance



至: Dongguan Yangling Electronics Trading Co.,Ltd.
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