Schneider 140CPU53414B

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Xiatong Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd specializes in sales of large-scale imports of various brands of DCS system module spare parts:

ABB, AB, Siemens, BENTLY, EMERSON,SCHNEIDER, GE, Honeywell series, and other automation modules.

Our mission is to help you!

① reduce your maintenance costs!

② extended control system life!

③ to help support the existing control system!

④ provide embedded system spare parts!

⑤ all kinds of large-scale imported DCS system spare parts, spare parts.

⑥ focus on discontinued control system components &leading position!

⑦ We have our own internal inventory and a large number of suppliers for distributors to bring the best solution to meet their needs!

1 year warranty


We can shipping all over the world.via DHL,UPS,Fedex and EMS, the packaging is very safe and strong.

if you have any special needs,please notify me.

Double A QM-005-C-27B1-T​SP

Double A QF-005-FF-10B1-​TSP

Nachi OG-G01-PC-K-564​5C



MAC 6231C-213-PM-59​1DA

Vickers FN1M-3A-30-JA

Herion 84-948-46.0000

Norgren 9674-A60

Toyo-Oki HD1-42SG-BcA-03​-LD4

Bosch 9810161152

OLD CA1B40-75


Nachi OG-G01-P1-21

Festo DNG-50-100-PPV-​A

Nachi OR-G01-P2-5539B


Numatics 082SA432M

SMC VF3340-3TZ

Ross 2753A7001


Double A DNNNC-3-10A1

Wilkerson B18-03-FHG0


Parker CBC3MAU19AC

Norgren F64B-NNN-AT0

Parker P32DA94SCNA2CN

Daikin MT-02A-40

OLD CDM2F40-250

CKD A1338-6C

Numatics L22BB452B

Numatics 153SS631K

Camozzi 961-000-P15-23

ASCO JSF8262G220

Chia Wang MTC-02-W1

Chia Wang MTC-02-W

Double A NNAAC-3-10A1

Apollo 71-505-01

Sperry PA5DG4V32AWLB10

Nachi SA-G01-E3X-C1-3​1

Schrader 4539-3290

Numatics 123BB63AMN56Y61

Sperry DGMA-3-T1-20-S

Numatics 122RQ100J016W


Numatics 252SA400M


Parker CH2AU14AC

MAC MM-A1B-231

MAC MM-A1C-221

Norgren L10-000-MPLO

Daikin MG-02P-03-50-PT

Daikin MT-02W-12

Parker CCP2AU14AC

Bimba T-096-CM

Ingersoll 361T538E03

SMC CDG1BN40-150

SMC CG1BN32-300

Numatics L22BB452B017G

OLD CM2FZ25--75A


Sanmei WR-22B-04

Nachi OGS-G01-P1C-K-D​2-21

SMC AW4000

Joucomatic DX422S1

CKD CVS2-15A-05-02H​B-3

Camozzi 961-000-P11-23

Daikin MG-02P-03-50-T

Festo MUH-ZP-D-2-24G

OLD VX2231-00-5DZ1

SMC CG1LN32-420

SMC SY5340-5DZ

Nachi OCP-G01-P1-10

Chiba SMD-6A

Charmilles 8494846000

Parker SB2AUS19C4.000

Parker SB2AUS19AC

Parker 07R316AC1

Daikin MT-02W-40

Norgren K71DA00SFG

SMC VX2240V-03-5DZ1​-B


PHd ML-25557

Nachi SA-G01-C6-C1-11

Numatics 152SA425K000030​

Nachi OCP-G01-B1-20

Tescom 44-2261-242-108​4

Numatics C30D-04ACG


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