N610017375AC N610017375AD CM602 NPM 130S KME Nozzle

20W Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine
The electro-optical conversion of the machine is with high efficiency; and the machine is with air cooling.The marking machine is compact but is with high reliability and can output light beam of high quality. It is made from metallic material which can be carved and some non-metallic material. Integral structures are adopted. And there are not optical pollution and power losses. The machine is with high efficiency, long using period and it does not need to maintain frequently.


Nozzle Cleaning Machine-JGH 893
Nozzle cleaner-JGH 893 could satisfy with your need, which uses high-voltage pulse to clean nozzle-JUKI,FUJI,
YAMAHA,SAMSUNG,SONY,PANASONIC and so on. It could clean nozzle 30 pieces at one time,it could set up parameters according your need, and nowadays we are looking for agent, contact us if you have interest.


Company Advantages
(1) Our company continues to exhibition of NEPCON,there are many customers would visit every time.
(2) We could promise you quality and delivery time, you only need choose products of your need.
(3) Our payment is T/T and Western Union, which is convenience for you, because it could reduce the time of shipping arrange.
(4) All products shipped by ourself, giving you new and cleaning package, there are different size of box.
(5) Stock products arrange ship after get money, and customized products about 3 days.
(6) You could contact us before you want to visit our company, we will arrange one person to pick you up.
(7) We sale our products all over the world, except belt, other products MOQ is 1 piece.


Siemens machine spare parts from SMT spare parts manufacturer
00304351 S01 S20 Siemens Safety door switch
00319774S05 S20 Siemens Piston
00319777-S06 Siemens Cylinder Unit
00321607-03 Siemens Y-axis belt pulley
00330832S01 Siemens 04020201 supporting
00332780-01 Siemens Weasand Connector
00347297-01 Siemens S20 Z-axis Sensor
00351500-03 Siemens Piston Original item
00351994-03 Siemens S27 Belt
00355553-01 Siemens Belt
00367793 Siemens S27 Cylinder Unit
03009269 Siemens S20 Motor




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