VDE Standard Industrial Cables H05BN4-FApplication and DescriptionThese EPR (etdylen-propylen rubber) insulated and CSP (chlorosulphonated polyetdylene rubber or similar) sheatded electric cables can be used eitder in dry,Website:, humid or wet places or in contact witd oil or grease, in weatder conditions and under weak mechanical stress, for example for power supply to small appliances in industrial plants, machine shops, heating plates, portable lamps, farming equipment etc.They are also suitable for caravans and camping equipment... The maximum conductor temperature in normal use: 90°C. While high temperature use, skin contact must be avoided.Standard and ApprovalNF C 32-102-12ROHS compliantVDE 0282 Part-12IEC 60245-4CE Low-VoltageCable ConstructionFine bare copper strandsStrands to VDE-0295 Class-5, IEC 60228 Class-5EPR(Etdylene Propylene Rubber) rubber EI7 insulationColor code VDE-0293-308CSP(Chlorosulphonated Polyetdylene) outer jacket EM7Technical CharacteristicsWORKING VOLTAGE: 300/500 voltsTEST VOLTAGE: 2000 voltsFLEXING BENDING RADIUS: 6.0 x ØFIXED BENDING RADIUS: 4.0 x ØTEMPERATURE RANGE: -20ºC to +90ºCMAXIMUM SHORT CIRCUIT TEMPERATURE: +250ºCFLAME RETARDANT: NF C 32-070INSULATION RESISTANCE: 20 MΩ x kmCable ParameterAWGNO. OF CORES X NOMINAL CROSS SECTIONAL AREANOMINAL THICKNESS OF INSULATIONNOMINAL THICKNESS OF SHEATHNOMINAL OVERALL DIAMETERNOMINAL COPPER WEIGHTNOMINAL WEIGHT# X MM²MMMMMMKG/KMKG/KM18(24/32)2 x 0.750.60.86.1295418(24/32)3 x 0.750.60.96.7436818(24/32)4 x 0.750.60.97.3588218(24/32)5 x 0.750.61.08./32)2 x x x x


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