Multipair Overall Foil & Braid Screened Cables-Belden Equivalent 9842ApplicationsThese cables have pairs laid up in a foil/braid screen,Website:, suitable for RS 485 applications.ConstructionConductorTinned copper wire.InsulationPEOverall Screen1Aluminium/Polyester tape.Overall Screen2Tinned copper braid, 90% coverage.SheathPVC/LSZH.Insulation ColourWhite/Blue & Blue/White, White/Orange & Orange/White.Electrical & Mechanical CharacteristicsAWG24Conductor Construction7x0.2UL Style2919Maximum Conductor ResistanceΩ/km85Voltage RatingV30Nominal Capacitance Conductor to ConductorpF/m42Nominal Capacitance Conductor to ScreenpF/m76Bending Radius10xOverall DiameterOperating Temperature℃-30~80DimensionsPart No.No. of PairsInsulation ThicknessSheath ThicknessOverall DiametermmmmmmUEBE 9842V20.60.818.6UEBE 9842H20.60.818.6


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