Cat 5e S/FTP 0.22mm²

Cat 5e S/FTP 0.22mm2 IEC60092ApplicationThese Cat5e S/FTP cables are manufactured in accordance with IEC 61156-5 requirements,Website:, can support all Class D applications like Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, suitable for basic voice and data installations up to 100MHz.StandardsEN 50173-1EN 50288-2-1ISO/IEC 11801IEC 61156-5IEC 60332-3-24IEC 60754-1/2IEC 61034-1/2ConstructionConductorsStranded copper conductor.InsulationPE.TwinningTwo coloured insulated conductors twisted together to form a pair.Individual ScreenAl/polyester tape.Overall ScreenTinned copper wire braid.Outer SheathOil resistant, flame retardant and halogen free LSOH (SHF2).Core IdentificationPair 1: White, Blue      Pair 2: White, Orange      Pair 3: White, Green      Pair 4: White, BrownElectrical PropertiesMaximum DC Loop ResistanceΩ/km158Maximum Resistance Unbalance2%Minimum Insulation Resistance (500V)MΩ.km5000Nominal Capacitance @800HznF/km43Maximum Capacitance Unbalance (pair to ground)pF/km1500Mean Characteristic Impedance @100MHzΩ100 ± 5Nominal Velocity of Propagation0.75cMaximum Propagation Delayns/100 m450Maximum Delay Skewns/100 m15Maximum Transfer Impedance @1MHzmΩ /m10Maximum Transfer Impedance @10MHzmΩ /m8Maximum Transfer Impedance @30MHzmΩ /m10Minimum Coupling AttenuationdB85Nominal Transmission Characteristics @20℃FAttenuationNEXTACRReturn LossPS-NEXTPS-ACRELFEXTPS-ELFEXTMHzdB/100mdBdB/100mdBdBdB/100mdB/100mdB/100m12......2511..516...024..031...047..060.Mechanical and Thermal PropertiesBending Radius: 8×OD (during installation); 4×OD (fixed installed)Temperature Range: -40℃ ~ +85℃Dimensions and WeightPart No.ConstructionNo. of elements×No. of cores in element×Crosssection(mm²)Nominal Insulation ThicknessmmNominal Sheath ThicknessmmNominal Overall DiametermmNominal Weight kg/kmUE092-S/FTPCAT5E4P22S4×2×


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