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Zhongxinda Automation is a company that professionally engaged in large system DCS spare parts supply. 
We supply DCS, PLC, MOTOROLA MVME, Anybus, RTU, IPC, IPC, SCSI (50, 68, 80Pin), AnyBus (Gateway), etc. 
They're different InStock products in high quality that we can supply promptly with a fair price. 
We also provide safely expresses with responsibility and credit in a fast delivery period. 
We look forward to cooperating with you for our beautiful future.

Schneider Automation Telemecanique Fipway PCMCIA,TSX MPM 100,TSXMPM100

Schneider Automation Telemecanique Output,TSX DST 24 82,TSXDST2482

Schneider Automation Telemecanique CPU,TSX 47 40,TSXP47455

Schneider Telemecanique Compact Terminal 24V,XBT-A801010

KEB Combivert Frequenzumricht?er,C6.F5.S3A-33?20,C6F5S3A3320

KEB Combivert Frequenzumricht?er,C6.F5.S3A-33?20,C6F5S3A3320

KEB Combivert Frequenzumricht?er,09.F4.S1D-50?03/,09F4S1D5003?/

Toshiba Transistor Inverter,VFS9-4?007PL-WP

Allen Bradley Programming Terminal,1201-H?JP

Schneider Automation Telemecanique Output,TSX DST 24 82,TSXDST2482

Wieland El.mechan.Zeitr?elais,R2.024.09?30.0

Schneider Telemecanique Communication Module RS232,TSXSCM211?6

Schneider Telemecanique Interface Module RS232C-CL,TSXTE?01,TSX TE 01

KEB Combivert Frequenzumricht?er,09.F4.C1D-12?20/1.4,09F4C1D1?220/1.4

Schneider Telemecanique Schütz,LC1D40BD

Wieland El.mechan.Zeitr?elais,R2.024.13?30.0

Wieland El.mechan.Zeitr?elais,R2.024.13?30.0

Siemens Leistungsschalt?er,3VU1300-1NH0?0,3VU1 300-1NH00

Siemens Leistungsschalt?er,3VU1300-1MF0?0,3VU1 300-1MF00

Siemens Leistungsschalt?er,3VU1300-1MC0?0,3VU1 300-1MC00

Siemens Sirius 3R Leistungsschalt?er,3RV1021-4CA1?0,3RV1 021-4CA10

Siemens Sirius 3R Leistungsschalt?er,3RV1021-1CA1?5,3RV1 021-1CA15

Siemens Sirius 3R Leistungsschalt?er,3RV1011-0EA1?0,3RV1 011-0EA10

Siemens Sirius 3R Leistungsschalt?er,3RV1011-1DA1?0,3RV1 011-1DA10

Siemens Sirius 3R Leistungsschalt?er,3RV1011-0FA1?0,3RV1 011-0FA10

Siemens Sirius 3R Leistungsschalt?er,3RV1011-0GA1?0,3RV1 011-0GA10

Siemens Sirius 3R Leistungsschalt?er,3RV1011-1AA1?0,3RV1 011-1AA10

GfE K?rner mbH EPROM 8KB,AIS-ep-4009

Schneider Telemecanique Motorschutzscha?lter,GV2ME20

Schneider Telemecanique Motorschutzscha?lter,GV2ME05

Schneider Telemecanique Motorschutzscha?lter,GV2 M02,GV2M02

Allen Bradley Leistungsschalt?er,140M-C2E-B63

Allen Bradley Leistungsschalt?er,140M-C2E-B40

Allen Bradley Leistungsschalt?er,140M-C2E-A63

Allen Bradley Leistungsschalt?er,140M-C2E-B16

Allen Bradley Leistungsschalt?er,140-CMN-9000

Allen Bradley Schütz,100-C60D?J00

Allen Bradley Schütz,100-C09D?J10

Allen Bradley Schütz,100-C30D?J00

Allen Bradley Leistungsschalt?er,140M-C2E-C25

Schneider Telemecanique Schütz,LC1D25BD

Siemens Sirius 3R Leistungsschalt?er,3RV1011-0HA1?0,3RV1 011-0HA10

Siemens Sirius 3R Leistungsschalt?er,3RV1011-0EA1?0,3RV1 011-0EA10

Allen Bradley Mini Schütz,100-K12D?J10

Wieland Zubeh?r (Relais) B5 Buchsenplatte,R?9.211.0080.0

Schneider Telemecanique Motorschutzscha?lter,GV2ME05

Wieland Elektronisches Zeitrelais,R2.0?66.0040.0

Wieland Codierbuchse,05?.576.6712.0

Wieland Codierstift,05.?576.6612.0

Siemens Leistungsschalt?er,3VU1300-1MG0?0,3VU1 300-1MG00

Kl?ckner Moeller Drehstrom-Schie?nenblock,B3.0/2?-PKZ0

Kl?ckner Moeller Hilfsschalter,0?2 DIL,02DIL

Siemens Leistungsschalt?er,3RV1021-4DA1?5,3RV1 021-4DA15

Siemens Leistungsschalt?er,3RV1021-4BA1?5,3RV1 021-4BA15

Siemens Hilfsschalter 1S+1?,3RV1901-1?A,3RV1 901-1A

Siemens Hilfsschalterbl?ock 2S+2?,3RH1911-1?HA22,3RH1 911-1HA22

Siemens Hilfsschalterbl?ock 1S+2?,3RH1911-1?HA12,3RH1 911-1HA12

Siemens Hilfsschalterbl?ock 4?,3RH1911-1GA0?4,3RH1 911-1GA04

Hager EIB tebis Bin?rausgang,TB 007 582007,TB007582?007

Hager EIB Bus Connector, TG 009 587009,TG009587?009

Schneider Automation Telemecanique Advantys,STB DDI 3615,STBDDI3615

Siemens Simatic WinCC flexible 2005 SP1,6AV6613-1BA?01-1CA0,6AV6 613-1BA01-1CA0

National Instruments 8 16-Bit Counters,FP-TB-?1 inkl. FP-CTR-500

Schneider Electric Telemecanique Magelis Touch Panel,XBTG2120

Schneider Automation Telemecanique Advantys 24VDC OUT,STB DDO 3600,STBDDO3600

Schneider Automation Telemecanique Advantys Analog C IN,STB ACI 1225,STBACI1225

Schneider Automation Telemecanique Advantys Analog V IN,STB AVI 1255,STBAVI1255

Schneider Automation Telemecanique Advantys Analog IN,STB ART 0200,STBART0200

Wiedemann Electronic Impulsformer 251082,W280283.?3

Wiedemann Electronic Impulsformer 251082,W280283.?1/124

Heldt & Rossi Servo-Electroni?c Servo Amplifier SM807DC,10000-2?00S

Siemens Sinumerik System 3 9"Bedientafel,6?FC3988-5MC25,6F?C3 988-5MC25

Siemens Simatic S5 Single-Axis-Con?troller WS620,6FM1600-2?BB00

Beckhoff USV Modul,CX1100-09?20,HW:3.7

Beckhoff USV Modul,CX1100-09?20,HW:2.7

Fischer Mess- und Regeltechnik Bedienpanel,EF5?50000

Siemens Simatic S5 Anzeigeeinheit WF695,6FM1680-2?FA00,6FM1 680-2FA00

Schneider Telemecanique Modicon ABE7,ABE7-H16R2?1

Siemens Simatic S5 Anzeigeeinheit WF695,6FM1680-2?FA00,6FM1 680-2FA00

Siemens Simatic S5 Digital OUT,6ES5 457-7LA11, 6ES5457-7LA11 E:02

Schneider Telemecanique Terminal 24V,XBT-K801010

SEW-Eurodrive Umrichter Movidrive,MDX61?B0008-5A3-4-0T

Lenze Frequenzumricht?er 8200 vector, Type: E82EV751_4B200

SEW Eurodrive EMV-Modul,EF030?-503

SEW-Eurodrive Ausgangsfilter,?HF008-503,82602?9X

SEW Eurodrive Umrichter Movitrac,MC07A0?22-5A3-4-10

ABB CPU ACM 800M PM860,3BSE01811?0R1 PR:D

ABB Foundation Fieldbus H1 CI852,3BSE01812?0R1 PR:B

Beckhoff 2 x Analog OUT,KL4032,KL 4032

Beckhoff Bus End Terminal,KL9010?,KL 9010

Wago übergabebaustei?n,289-555,28955?5

Schneider Telemecanique TSX17-20 CC 20E/S Trans.,TSX17220?12

Schneider Telemecanique TSX17-20 CA 20E/S Relais,TSX17220?28

Schneider Telemecanique Uni-Tel.2 Eqpt.Plug,TSXSC?A62

Schneider Telemecanique Rack,TSXRKN82F

Schneider Telemecanique Terminal 24V,XBT-K801010

Schneider Telemecanique Adapt.Utway/TSX?17-20,TSX17ACC5

Schneider Telemecanique Local Derivat Junction,TSXLES?64

Schneider Telemecanique Ethernet Adapter ATV68,ATV 68,W81623747011?1A01

WPI Oyster Termiflex Pocket Terminal,Oyster 4

Siemens Optokopplerbaug?ruppe,AMS-P217-?A32,C8451-A45-A?14-2

WAGO 2DI 24V DC 0,2ms Proxi Sensor,750-411

Siemens Simatic S7 Sitop Smart 5A,6EP1 333-2BA01,6EP13?33-2BA01

Weidmüller Interface Module,RSSD 15S/LPK2H,82333?5

SEW-Eurodrive Umrichter Movitrac, 31C015-503-4-00

AEG Modicon Supply dis. NUL 200,4130-042.24?4865,Rev.06

Danfoss Danotherm Electric A/S Brake Resistor,175U18?51

Siemens Schütz,3RT2023-?2BB40,3RT2 023-2BB40

Danfoss VLT Type 2040,195H3407 + 195H6522

Danfoss Frequenzumricht?er VLT2800,195N101?6,VLT2807PT4B20?SBR1DBF00A00

Lenze Variable Speed AC Motor Drive,SF405F1

Danfoss Frequenzumricht?er VLT5000,175Z016?1

Danfoss Frequenzumricht?er VLT3016,175H728?3

KEB Combivert Frequenzumricht?er,07F5B3B-0B0A?,07F5B3B0B0A

KEB Combivert Frequenzumricht?er,07.F4.C3D-34?20/1.4

KEB Combivert Frequenzumricht?er,10.F4.S1D-12?20,10F4S1D1220

SEW Movidrive Compact,MCV41A0?015-5A3-4-0T

SEW Movidrive Compact,MCF41A0?015-5A3-4-00

SEW Movidrive Compact,MCF41A0?022-5A3-4-00

SEW Eurodrive Umrichter Movitrac,MC07A0?22-5A3-4-10

SEW Eurodrive Umrichter Movitrac,MC07A0?15-5A3-4-10

SEW-Eurodrive Umrichter Movidrive,MDX61?B0370-503-4-0T

SEW-Eurodrive Umrichter Movidrive,MDX61?B0110-5A3-4-0T

SEW-Eurodrive Umrichter Movidrive,MDX61?B0022-5A3-4-0T

SEW Eurodrive Umrichter Movitrac B,MC07B0004-5A3?-4-00

Lenze Frequenzumricht?er 8200 vector, Type: E82EV751_4B

Lenze Servo-Umrichter?,EVS9323-EK,EVS?9323EK

Lenze Frequenzumricht?er,ECSEA032C4B,?ID.-No.13230858

Lenze Netzfilter A/Mains Filter A,EZN3A0088H024

Lenze Netzfilter A/Mains Filter A,EZN3A0120H012

Lenze Supply and Feedback module,EMB9342-?E

Lenze Drive PLC,Type: EPL-10200-XX

Schneider Telemecanique Altivar 18,ATV18U29M2

Parker Servoantrieb,CP?X1060SL,CPX 1060SL

Danfoss VLT Type 2030,195H3305 + 195H6522

WAGO AS-Interface Master (M3) V2.1,750-655

KEB Combivert Frequenzumricht?er, 05.F5.B3A-390A,?05F5B3A390A

Beckhoff Digital Output,KL2134,K?L 2134

Beckhoff Voltage Supply Terminal,KL9100?,KL 9100

Kl?ckner Moeller Motorschutzscha?lter + Schütz,PKZM0-4,?DILM7-10

Kl?ckner Moeller Motorschutzscha?lter + Schütz,PKZM0-1,?6,DILM7-10

Phoenix Contact SAC-2P-15,0-910?/M12FSB,1507324

Phoenix Contact IB IL DI 4, 2726214

Phoenix Contact IB IL DO 4, 2726256

Berges Electronic,CO-S?inus ACI,Art.Nr.ACI3?.0,ACI30

Siemens Simatic S7 Sitop DC-USV Modul,6EP1931-2?EC42

SEW Eurodrive Umrichter Movitrac,MC07A0?05-2B1-4-00

Siemens Simatic S7 Bus module,6ES7 195-7HA00-0XA0,?6ES7195-7HA00-0?XA0

Siemens Sinamics Adapter-Set,6SL?3060-1FE21-6AA0?,6SL3 060-1FE21-6AA0

Schneider Automation Telemecanique Analog Input,TSX AEM 821,TSXAEM821

Schneider Automation Telemecanique Input,TSX DET 32 42,TSXDET3242

SEW Antriebsumricht?er Movitrac 203CD,825432X

Schneider Automation Telemecanique Power Supply,TSXSUP61

Schneider Automation Telemecanique CPU,TSX 47 40,TSXP47455

AEG Modicon PEAB cable with DKV,5014-042.20?0969,REV.03

AEG Modicon Modnet 1/IS Master BKF 102,6065-042.70?3 580

AEG Modicon Bus Extension Cable BXT 201,5031-000244?857,Rev.02/03

AEG Modicon Discrete Output Relay AS BDAP 208,042 272 570

AEG Modicon Secundary Subrack DTA 201,7628-042.24?4801,REV.10

AEG Modicon DC IN,170 BDI 346 00,170BDI34600

AEG Modicon DC OUT,170 BDO 346 00,170BDO36600

AEG Modicon DC OUT,170 BDO 346 00,170BDO36600

AEG Modicon DC OUT,170 BDO 346 00,170BDO36600

AEG Modicon Supply dis. NUL 200,4130-042.24?4865,Rev.04

AEG Modicon Supply dis. NUL 202,4130-042.24?4866,Rev.03

AEG Modicon Supply dis. NUL 202,4130-042.24?4866,Rev.04

AEG Modicon Simulator,170 BSM 016 00,170BSM01600

Schneider Electric Telemecanique Steuereinheit,L?UCA05BL

ERNI Profibusstecker?,0433 144536,04331445?36

SEW-Eurodrive Umrichter Movidrive,MDX61?B0015-5A3-4-0T

GEFA Processtechnik GmbH,Ser.No.960?058123,Ord.No.7?02672

Danfoss Frequenzumricht?er VLT6000 HVAC,175Z7047

SEW-Eurodrive Servo-Getriebem?otor WA37B,DRS71S4/A?SE1/TF

SEW-Eurodrive Servo-Getriebem?otor RF27,DRS71S4/AS?E1/TF

Phoenix Contact InterBus IBS STME 24 DI16/4,Nr.27543?96

Phoenix Contact InterBus IBS ST 24 DI 16/4,Nr.2754338

Kl?ckner Moeller PS3 Datenkabel,KPG1?-PS3

Phoenix Contact InterBus Cable,Nr.278417?5

Phoenix Contact InterBus IBS 24 DO/R,Nr.2767215

Phoenix Contact InterBus IBS 24 DO/R,Nr.2767215

Phoenix Contact InterBus IBS 220 BK,Nr.2784104

Phoenix Contact InterBus IBS 220 BK,Nr.2784104

Phoenix Contact InterBus IBS 24 DI/32,Nr.278442?1

Phoenix Contact InterBus ETH CB-T,Nr.2751153

Phoenix Contact InterBus S/SL-LB,Nr.2806?943

Danfoss Frequenzumricht?er VLT6000 HVAC,178B2020

Danfoss Variable Speed Drive VLT Type 3004, 175H3071

SEW Movidrive,MDX61?B0005-5A3-4-0T

Siemens Simatic S5 Digital OUT,6ES5 450-8MB11

St?ber Antriebstechnik Frequenzumricht?er,FDS3085/B



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