LEDFUL Fine Pitch LED Display More Advantages and Features

LEDFUL fine pitch LEDdisplay Pitch P1.0, P1.2, P1.4, P1.5, P1.56, P1.66, P1.92, P2, P2.5 are providing solutions for dispatching center, command center, broadcasting room and TV center, meeting room, stock exchange, press conference, etc.

Fine pitch cabinet has fully described the strength of its light weight, met the needs of small space or where the needs of the cabinet thickness is needed, enhanced the vision of the space as well as its visionary effect. It allows for easy maintenance, saving time and labor on site.

Both 160 from Horizontal& Vertical for the viewing angle. Seeing from five directions, it would be still the natural and clear image in an LED Screen. Ultra High Definition, It delivers a truly amazing picture with extraordinary pixels producing an image that is HD quality in an LED Screen.

Ultra Fast Response. The response speed exceeds the response limit of the naked eyes, while playing the high speed dynamic images in an LED Screen, it will have more advantages, there will be no ghosting&twisting and it will perfectly provide the dynamic images.

High Contrast Ratio. High-end Black Body SMD Encapsulation, Excellent Performance, it has outstanding performance when works on the color and has very good contrast.High Refresh Rate could be reach 3840HZ. 16 bit Grey Scale. It has almost the perfect gray scale and gives true color of the images, there will have no data loss and you could see every details clearly.

Leading Fine Pitch DisplayManufacturer, 10 years Experience on LED Production, More Design & More Solution - One-Stop Rental LED Screen Solution Provider. China LED display, HD LED Display Manufacturer, LED Display Supplier, LED Display factory in China.

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Import from China Top LED Display. Excellent quality, quick and professional services for your LED Display. Large LED Display for Advertising

Rental LED Display for Event. 10 years LED Display Experience to Make Your Project Working Perfect.

LEDFUL, founded in 2008, is a professional led screen supplierin China. We are devoted to providing led screen box. And we welcome merchants from all over the world to cooperate with our factory for mutual benefit and win-win, and jointly create a better future.


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