600*600 LED Panel Light(IPM03C/FPL)

AN-FPL series led 600x600 36w panel light are new straight-emitting panel lights developed by Anern. Using the LED light-emitting angle to design a reasonable LED spacing will achieve the ideal light-emitting effect with the match of the diffuser and the height of the lamp. The emphasis of our IP65 led panel light 600x600 48w is on high brightness with even lighting and the brightness uniformity of this series can reach 0.9 or more. Since the straight-emitting panel light no longer needs the light guide plate, the phenomenon of yellowing of the LED panel light is solved from the root after a period of use.

The Details of 600*600 LED panel Light(FPL)

LED straight-emitting lighting technology, more even lighting, and better brightness.

Newly upgraded lens light source,No light guide plate,no yellowing after a long time use .

This led panel 600x600mm series owns the seamless design of the shell, anti-mosquitoes, and dust.

Containing multiple rows of lens light sources,120 degree luminous angle lens plus protective cover,with even and soft glow.

The Specification of 600*600 LED panel Light(FPL)

Straight-emitting panel light VS Side-emitting panel light
Straight-emitting panel light

The LED chips are distributed in the middle of the lightbox, and the high-angle diffuser lens is used to emit more uniform light without visible stroboscopic dark corners.

Side-emitting panel light

Luminous patches are distributed around the light, low Light efficiency utilization, perishable patch, uneven light emission.

The Production of ip65 600x600 led panel (FPL)
At present, Anern group has many large modern production bases in Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Foshan, and other places, with hundreds of LED light production lines and thousands of various processing equipment. Conducting strictly control over the product quality, Anern also OEM service towards dimmable led panel light 600x600 so as to meet the clients' request.

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