Adjustable Modular LED Flood Light (TGD03)

AN-TGD03 series led modular flood lighting is an engineering lighting fixture with adjustable LED module angle. Different from the previous LED floodlight for sale at Anern with the same led modular designs, AN-TGD03 series increased a design for each module to adjust the angle independently, thereby achieving accent lighting for a certain area.

The Details of Adjustable Modular LED Flood Light (TGD03)

The adjustable angle design of the LED adjustable flood light allows flexible adjustment of the lighting area.

Lenses with 60°/90°/150*75° beam angle are available for choice, with high light transmittance.

Each LED module of our LED flood lights wholesale is independently equipped with a driving power supply. If one power supply fails, the other modules of the adjustable floodlight can also be used normally.

The fin-type heat dissipation housing can effectively control the temperature of the lamp body and ensure the service life of the led chips.

The Specification of Adjustable Modular LED Flood Light (TGD03)

The Production of Adjustable Modular LED Flood Light (TGD03)
This batch of LED floodlights of 1000w will be used in a tunnel project in Peru. As a professional LED flood light supplier, Anern provides standardized production, professional packaging, and fast delivery for TGD03 series.

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