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We supply
ABB, AB, Siemens, BENTLY, Schneider,EMERSON, GE, Honeywell series, and other large modules, Discontinued spare parts.
Our advantage:
1. A large number of prompt goods could be shipped out immediately.
2. All of goods are new and original.
3. We offer 12 months warranty for all of items.
4. Professional sale team,competitve price,good reputation
5.Shipping methods: air by DHL/UPS/EMS/Fedex...
6.Small orders can be all accepted.
7.Contact us any time when you feel free.
8.Lead time: 2-3 working days

Siemens 6ES5464-8MB11

Siemens 6ES5944-7UA21

Parker SCLTSD-250-10-0​7

Siemens 3VT1712-2DC36-0​AA0

Siemens 6ES5458-7LA12

Siemens 6SE7023-2EA87-2​DA0

Yokogawa ADM12C

Yokogawa ADM52C

Siemens 3VL9216-5GC30

Siemens 6EC1002-0A

Siemens 6EC2110-0A

Siemens 6ES5436-7LA11

Yokogawa ADM52C

Schneider TSXMFPP224K

Salicru 618AA000059

Siemens 6ES5464-8MB11

Parker SCLTSD-250-10-0​7

Siemens 6EC1-001-0A

SMC MTS32-100

Kistler 6533B12

Schneider XPSDME1132

Siemens 5SP4492-7

Siemens 6ES5436-7LA11

Schneider LC1D95BD

Euchner NZ1VZ-528E3VSM0​4-M

Balluff BFB0006

Telemecanique XUYFALNEP60080

Pizzato ME-20VU24-TF1

Siemens 4AM6542-5AT10-0​FA0

Nordic TCTN-9110-1KN

Nordic TCTN-9110-3KN


Linak ​DK

Bosch R153246032

Siemens 3VL9600-3HG04

Siemens 5SP4392-7

EEI 835.3

EEI 720.0

EEI 720.1

Siemens 6SL3000-0CE21-0​AA0

Italweber OCM0500806890

LappKabel 4151000-56M

Torytrans CSE2500-3

Yokogawa ADM52C

C-Technologies FA-SAI01-PC02

C-Technologies FA-SAI01-PC02

Schunk 312909

Siemens 6ES5458-7LB11

Legrand 47024


Selca REL24

Siemens 5SP4480-7

Telemecanique XCSE7511

Siemens 8PQ6000-0BA06

Schneider RM4JA32MW

Schneider TSXRKY8


Siemens 6GK7443-1BX01-0XE0


Siemens 6SE6400-4BD16-5​CA0

Siemens 6EC1470-0A

PR 2222B1

Siemens 5SP4391-7

Siemens 6ES5464-8ME11

Siemens 6FC5312-0FA01-0​AA0

EEI 646.2

Siemens 6EC1-605-5A

Euchner TP3-2131A024SR1​1

Siemens 3RA1953-2B

Festo SDE1-D10-G2-R14​-L-P1-M12

Gefran F003148

Keyence PX-10CP

Siemens 6EC1-221-0A

Olaer B5THx10/1P-SC-M

Mitutoyo 543-505B

Siemens 6EC1-110-0A

Fiama PR20-R-1/1/9500​103

Reinhardt 50011875

Salicru 647AA000018

PR Electronics 2261

Telemecanique XDAL11131

Linak 365FAA+20100B26

Omron G2R-2-SNI

Telemecanique ZB4-BW061

Omron G2R-1-SNI

Siemens 3RB1066-1KG0

Siemens 3VF9522-1NB20

Siemens 3RT1046-1AL20

Siemens 3RT1046-1AG20

Siemens 3RV1041-4MA10

Siemens 3RT1044-1AG20

Siemens 6ES5731-1BF00

Siemens 6ES5453-8MA11

Siemens 6ES5422-8MA11


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