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We supply
ABB, AB, Siemens, BENTLY, Schneider,EMERSON, GE, Honeywell series, and other large modules, Discontinued spare parts.
Our advantage:
1. A large number of prompt goods could be shipped out immediately.
2. All of goods are new and original.
3. We offer 12 months warranty for all of items.
4. Professional sale team,competitve price,good reputation
5.Shipping methods: air by DHL/UPS/EMS/Fedex...
6.Small orders can be all accepted.
7.Contact us any time when you feel free.
8.Lead time: 2-3 working days

Unknown 00L0021561E

Telemecanique LA1LB031

Omron E2A-M12LS04-M1-​B2

Telemecanique XUFN05321+XUFZ1​1

Omron E2A-M12LS04-M1-​B1

Crydom CWD2425P

Parker 481865C2

Parker 481865A2

Telemecanique XCSPA792

Telemecanique XS608B1PAM12


Siemens 6ES7370-0AA01-0​AA0

Helical WAC25-6MM-6MM

Phoenix 3001501

Siemens 3VL9816-2AL00

Siemens 5TT3707

Siemens 5TE8153

Siemens 3RA1943-2A

Siemens 3SB3648-6BA30

Siemens 5TG2558

Siemens 5TC8256

Siemens 5TG0150-3

Siemens 5TG6205

Siemens 5SX1310-7FB

Siemens 5SX1106-7FB

Siemens 5TG0150-3

Siemens 5TG2561

Siemens 5TG2551-6

Siemens 5TG2561

Siemens 5TA2156

Siemens 3RA1942-2G

Siemens 3SB3400-0J

Siemens 3RU1126-1GB0

Siemens 5TG6241

Siemens 6ES5700-8MA1

Siemens 6ES5490-7LA11

Fenner HRC070F

Norgren M/50/LSU/10V

Telemecanique XUFZ08

Siemens 5TT5850-0

Siemens 8WD4208-0AA

Telemecanique XUFZ910AA+XUFZ1​1

Siemens 6SN1111-0AB00-0​AA0

Siemens 6ES5451-8MA11

Telemecanique XB4BV33

Siemens 3RT1024-1AG20

Siemens 5SQ3570-0KV20

Siemens 5SX1310-7FB

Omron E2A-M12KS04-M1-​B1

Omron E2A-M18KS08-M1-​B1

Telemecanique XUFZ04

Telemecanique ZB4BT2

Telemecanique AK5PA232

Omron E2A-M12KS04-M1-​B1

Telemecanique XS608B1PAM12

Siemens 3RU1126-1EB0

Siemens 5TE8152

Siemens 5TE8142

Siemens 5TE4820

Siemens 3SB3501-6AA40

Siemens Simovert 6SE7016-0EP87-0​FB0

Telemecanique XUFZ910AA+XUFZ1​1

Telemecanique GK1-EF

Telemecanique VW3A8306R03

Turck FSM4-2SKP3

Schneider GVAD0110

Telemecanique XUFN05321+XUFZ1​1


Siemens 8WD4200-1AC

Siemens 8WD4200-1AB

Siemens 8WD4200-1AD

Siemens 3VL9400-2AJ10

Siemens 5TE8162

Siemens 3RA1943-2B

Telemecanique GV1L3

Telemecanique GB2-CD09

Schneider PKX16M734

Eaton NZM3-4-XKSA

Lumberg 0976-PFC-101

Telemecanique LC1K0610F7

Murrelektronik ​000

Schneider XVBC21

Pizzato FC353-E11

Siemens 3RT1024-1AL20

Siemens 5TE8161

Siemens 5TE4821

Siemens 3SB3501-6AA20

Siemens 3SB3501-6AA70

Siemens 3RA1933-2B

Siemens 3RA1943-2C

Siemens 5TG6201

Siemens 5TG6207

Siemens 5SQ3570-0KW25

Siemens 5TE4300

Siemens 5TT3002-0Y

Siemens 5TG1182

Siemens 5TG1161

Siemens 5TG6201


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