AB 1769-L32C  PLC

Different brands automation products can be provided from my company. Just need to send me your requirements, we will quote best prices for you reference.


we offer 1 year warranty

Rockwell (A-B): 1756,1785,1771,1746,1747,1769,1794,1784 etc., and some discontinued spare parts.
SCHENIDER: Modi Quantum 140 series processors, control cards, power modules, etc.
GE FANUC FANUC: IC697, IC693, IC695, IC200, DS200, DS3800,
Siemens ((MOORE); 6ES5, 6ES7 (400 series, part) 6DD, 6DS, 6GK, 6A V, 6RA (some models)
ABB: Robot Control System DSQC Series
BAILEY: 3500 and discontinued spare parts
Westinghouse: OVATION system, WDPF system, WEStation system spare parts
Bosch Rexroth: Indramat, I / O module, PLC controller, servo control, drive module, etc

Boston ACE-KST-230V-3P​-05HP

Parker AR-04PE

Dayton 1XC96A

Kensington GMR​100

Allen-Bradley 1336F-BRF100-AA​-EN-L4

GE 6KP1143002X1B1

Omron 3G3MX2-A4007

Omron R88D-KN01L-ML2

Allen Bradley 2093-AC05-MP1

Baldor PCI003-502

Whedco IMC-316E-X-D-AD

Emerson MO16308



Parker GV-L3E-NK

Sanyo PMDPC1S3P01

Fuji FRN0.1C1S-2J

Allen-Bradley 1336F-AQF10-AA-​EN

Allen-Bradley 1336-L8E

ABB ACH550-UH-04A6-​2

Dart 520-200C-38

Kollmorgen PSR4/5A-112-040​0

Emerson EB

Parker Compumotor FH-2B1-25

Allen Bradley 1305-AA02A

LinMot E210-VF

Allen Bradley 160S-AA02PPS1

Parker PDS13-2

Reliance 1SU24001

Reliance 1SU21001

ABB ACH550-UH-04A6-​2

Emerson CGP1201

Danfoss 195N1051


Mitsubishi FR-A240E-2.2K-U​L

Full Q7995S258

Glentek SMA​B-1

Danfoss 195N1015

Parker GV6K-L3E

Fuji FVR022G7S-2

Thermo 850-1031

ESC 01-142-0

Parker Compumotor GV6-L3E-DN

Omron R88D-KN02H-ML2

National MC-3B-II

Danfoss VLT103-175B6007​-059108G497

Allen-Bradley 1336F-BRF100-AN​-EN

Parker AR-02AE


ThyssenKrupp 787AE3

Allen-Bradley 1336F-AQF10-AA-​EN

Allen Bradley 2090-CFBM4E2-CA​TR


Allen Bradley 2090-CPWM4E2-14​TR

Leeson 175136.00

Oriental UI215GA

Allen Bradley 160S-AA02NPS1

Newport MM3000.2

Advanced BE25A20C-BC1

Advanced BE25A20G


Aerotech DL4010

Vexta BLFD200A2

Parker BLH75B

Saftronics C1MR-PCU40P4

Teknic SST-1000-JCX

Danfoss VLT5001PT5B20ST​R3D0F00A00C0

Leitz 301-362.243

Parker OEM350X-M2

GE IC800CBL022

GE 6KXC111F25X9A1

Aerotech DL4010

Mitsubishi FR-E740-040-NA


Telemecanique ATV31HU75N4A

Parker Compumotor

Leeson 175136.00

Allen Bradley 2093-AC05-MP5

Parker Compumotor S57-83

Newport MM2000

Galil DB-28040-5V-16

Compumotor SM232AE-NTQN

Parker Compumotor SX57-51

Anorad CM

Parker SX57-83

Yaskawa SGDH-02BE


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