G Type Keg Beer Coupler /keg Regulator

Welcome to wholesale g type keg beer coupler /keg regulator from us. We are one of the best g type keg beer coupler /keg regulator manufacturers and suppliers in China.Product details:1, part: keg connector (the plate, Pit distributor), beer faucet, beer towers, wine spear, chillers, wine labels.2,The refrigerator, beer faucet, beer towers, wine spear, refrigerator, wine labels supporting the use by the action of the keg connector and wine spear beer fed into the refrigerator, refrigerator refrigeration, mixing valve valve opened. Open the carbon dioxide pressure gauge, the pressurized carbon dioxide into the cask, the leading beer from a wine release. Superb product design, furnishings and generous, civilization, health, easy to use, ready to drink. Need to drink draft beer bars, hotels, restaurants, living room ideal supplies.3, exquisite design, furnishings and generous, civilization, health, easy to use, ready to drink.Usage: for devices connected to the bottle and canned leading alcoholic products in the canning process.


至: Carolina Micro Brewing Technology,INC
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