Conical Beer Fermenter Stainless Steel

Welcome to wholesale conical beer fermenter stainless steel from us. We are one of the best conical beer fermenter stainless steel manufacturers and suppliers in China.Beer Brewery Fermenter tank 1. Introduction of our companyHi , I am Polly from Jinan Zhuoda Beer Brewery Equipment Company which in the field of making beer brewery equipment nearly 8 years. With so many years experience in this field, our products had been to lots of foreign countries such as US, Korea, India, Singapore, Russia and so on. Our workers have more than 5 years experience in the welding field. I believe with so many experience and good after-sale service, our products must can meet your requirement.  2.Equipments Components our equipment mainly from 50L-5000L capacity, can be used for home, pub, bar, hotel, restaurant, factory and so on. In one complete system, there are water treatment machine, grain miller, brewhouse such as mash tank, lauter tank, whirlpool tank, boiling tank, hot water tank, fermenter tank, bright beer tank, filter and so on. Tell us your need, we can do the specail design for you !! Equipments RequestComponents1. Milling SystemMalt Miller2. Mashing SystemMash/Lauter TunBoiler TankBoilerHeat ExchangerWort PumpStir Device (Optional)Other accessories are available: 1. Ornamental Pipe;2.Mashing Pipeline; 3. Yeast Feeder; 4. Venturi Tube; 5. Butterfly Valve DN40; 6. Butterfly Valve DN32; 7. Soft Pipe; 8. Dregs Rake; 9. Sugar Measuring Cylinder; 10. Saccharimeter; 3. Fermenting SystemFermentation TankOther accessories are available: 1. L-Pipe; 2. Butterfly Valve; 3. Pressure Gage; 4. Solenoid Valve; 5. Vacuum Valve; 6. Cooling Pipe; 7. Thermal Insulation Pipe; 4. Cooling SystemIce Water TankRefrigeration MachineCentrifugal PumpEvaporatorIce Water PumpRelative Pipes and Valves5. CIP SystemWashing TankSterilization TankPump and Valve6. Filter SystemKieselguhr FilterMembrane FilterFiltered Beer Tanks7. Packing SystemFresh Keg Packing MachinePop Can Packing MachineGlass Bottle Packing Machine8. Controlling SystemMashing Control PanelFermenting Control PanelRefrigerating Control Panel 3. Parameter of Various ModelsModel ItemsZD-50LZD-1HLZD-2HLZD-3HLZD-5HLZD-6HLZD-10HLCapacity50L/Day100L/Day200L/Day300L/Day500L/Day600L/Day1000L/DayArea Request2m²15m²20m²40m²50m²60m²100m²Power peak loading2Kw12Kw15Kw22Kw35Kw45Kw70KwSteam Request_____________ _____ _____0.1Ton/Hr0.12Ton/Hr0.15Ton/HrWater Consumption0.1m³/Day0.5m³/Day0.8m³/Day1m³/Day1.5m³/Day2m³/Day3m³/Day


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