Magnifier Lamp

Gooseneck magnifier lamps are a necessity for every beauty professional who needs precision in their work. Whether you're a glasses wearer, a contact lens wearer, or someone with 20/20 vision, when you start using TOPMB professional portable magnifier lamp, you're hooked!

Types of Magnifier Lamp

Benefits of Lamp and Magnifier

3x and 5x Magnify

Can help people with vision loss caused by aging and eye disease regain the joy of observing small things and enjoy their hobbies again.

Reducing Eye Strain

To enhance the visibility of small details effortlessly while lighting up the reading/working area, which can reduce eye strain.

Adjustable Brightness

3 levels of brightness to choose from and set the right brightness as you need.

Free Up Your Hands

Can be clipped to the edge of the desk or stand on the floor, with a soft adjustable gooseneck, easily adjust the lighting direction and focus on where you need, to free up your hands.

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Large Magnifier Lamp

The magnifying lamp can boost the work area by more than 175% of clear vision, amazing shadowless light, impeccable color rendering, easy to move and precise focus on the ability of each processing area, and the ability to see clearly and therefore evaluate options, even the slightest problem, it is the best choice of each beauty professionals and poor eyesight.

A good reading magnifier lampshould have more than one magnification factor, which can meet different magnification needs, and the soft gooseneck allow you to adjust the light easily and freely. There are no shadows, no back and neck problems, no mistakes, and no squinting by using the right magnifier lamp.

Hot Questions of Reading Floor Lamp with Magnifier

What magnification options are available?

There are both 3x and 5x magnify in one glass for people to choose the multiples they need.

Is there a magnifier floor lamp?

Of course, we have a magnifier floor lamp, desk lamp, and clamp lamp to choose from.

What's the color temperature?

Have several options to choose from, 3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K.

Now the price of home office lampis reasonable, if you have needs to buy office lamp, please leave us a message.


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