Monitor Light Bar With Wireless Remote

Monitor light bar with wireless remote, easy to control the light at hand. You can always trust TOPMB in the selection of screen lights.

Monitor Light Bar With Wireless Remote Types

Monitor Light Bar With Wireless Remote Benefits

Asymmetric Optics

45°angle light can reduce screen reflection and glare while lighting up your keyboard and desk.

Eye Protection

High CRI proximity to natural light and angle light can relieve eye strain when you spend too much time in front of the computer. Effectively protecting your eyes.


Clip to the edge of the desk, do not take up too much desk space.

USB Powered

Plug in the computer, and free up your socket.

Wireless Control

Easy to control the light.

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Monitor Screen Light BarWith Wireless Remote

For double screen or multi-screen, you can choose to match them on one wireless control and control them together, or you can also match them to different remote controls and control them individually.

USB-powered monitor light frees up your socket.

Different size hung-up clip designs for different monitors.

Luxury remote control and mini control meet different needs.

Monitor Light Bar With Wireless Remote FAQs

How far can remote control be used?

It's about four meters at the most.

How do I use the remote control?

We will complete the code matching at the time of delivery, if it doesn't work after the battery is installed, the customer may need to re-code it.

Can it really relieve screen reflection?

Sure, our asymmetric optics obtained the United States Utility Patent, the light only to the work area without reflecting people's eyes, and the full spectrum light is bright enough without flicking and glare, which can relieve eye strain.

There are many home lamp manufacturersin China, but we are one of the best choices for you.


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