Rubber Hose

Rubber hose has a wide range of applications throughout many different industries, including construction sites and mines.

As one of the leading flexible rubber hose suppliers, Sinohose manufactures a variety of flexible rubber hose pipesuch as black rubber hose pipe, whose tube is black and smooth. The flexible rubber pipe can be reinforced by high tensile synthetic yarn braided or spiraled for increased durability and pressure resistance. The temperature range is from -35℃ to 80℃.

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Rubber Hoses for Sale

Rubber Air Hose

Mainly used for conveying of air, inert gas and water in mining, construction, engineering, shipbuilding, steel production etc. Sinohose is one of the leading rubber air hose manufacturers.

Rubber Water Hose

Abrasion resistant, weather resistant and zone resistant. It’s a kind of flexible rubber water hose with the feature of pressure bearable, light in weight, anti-bending, less distortion and nice smooth surface.

Rubber oil Hose

Flexible delivery rubber hose suitable for unleaded fuels(EN228:2008), diesel (EN 590:2010) and heating oils(DN 51 603 parts 1/5).

Jack Hammer Rubber Air Hose

For jackhammer applications. It is a flexible rubber air hose with high performance price and provides users with an alternative to heavy duty rubber hose pipe.

Rubber Air Hose-smooth Surface

For transmission of water, air, gases and non corrosive liquid.

Rubber Hoses Application

As one of the leading industrial rubber hose manufactures, Sinohose provides hoses that cover various fields of industrial production, manufacturing and circulation. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, ship, dock, tank truck, agriculture, food, beverage, medicine and other industries, and hot and cold water, steam, ventilation, cooling, fire, hydraulic, media such as gas, water, fog, mud, sand, iron, and so on.

Rubber Hose Pipe Manufacturing Process

This part briefly introduces the process of rubber tube manufacturing. Rubber hose products adopt natural rubber and neoprene as the raw material and they are produced through plastication, mixing, weaving (wrapping) and vulcanization molding process.

Caution When Using Rubber Hoses

  1. Be sure to use rubber hoses within the recommended temperature and pressure range.

  1. The rubber hose expands and contracts with its internal pressure. Please cut the hose to a slightly longer length than you need.

  1. When applying pressure, please slowly turn on any valve to avoid impact pressure.

  1. Please use the PVCrubber hoseabove its bending radius, otherwise the rubber hose will be broken and the pressure resistance will be reduced.

  1. When using powder and particles, it may be easy to wear according to the conditions, so please enlarge the bending radius of the hose as much as possible.

  1. In the vicinity of metal parts, do not use it in a state of extreme bending.

  1. Do not put the hose in direct contact with or near the open fire.

  1. Do not step on the rubber hose with equal pressure of the vehicle.

For fluids:

  1. The rubber hose used should be suitable for the fluid transported.

  1. one of the reliable rubber hose pipe manufacturers, before using hose for oils, powders, toxic chemicals and strong acids or bases.

Sinohose has its own rubber hose factory, which can tell you the detailed information about rubber hose priceand China PVC hose.


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