Tofu Additives

Tofu Additives

TG Prolink B Transglutaminase for Sale

Vegan additives are of higher elasticity, juiciness and better mouth-feel

Produces a new type of vegetarian food with high protein and low fat

Can highly improve the gel strength of the soy isolate protein

TG Prolink B Transglutaminase for Sale

Ace Ingredientsis a global enterprise committed to the research, manufacture and commercialization of food additives wholesale, food ingredients wholesale and other key products and solutions critical to the food industry. The company was launched by TDS—the world's largest transglutaminase enzyme manufacturer. We are deeply embedded in the sector with a mission to understand shared global needs, innovate for the industry and deliver leading solutions to our clients and partners around the world.

We can also offer kinds of transglutaminase meat gluefor sale, if you have needs, please contact us.


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