Serum separator tube gelis a kind of high molecular compound, which is specially used in disposable vacuum blood collection tube or injection blood collection tube.

At the same time, the gel is an essential addictive of preparing high quality serum and blood samples during preservation, delivery and transfer.

If you are a blood collection tube manufacturer or PRP manufacturer, then Desheng serum separation gel can save you cost very well. We can accurately calculate the dosage of serum separation gel and the investment required for blood collection tube additives. In a word, we are willing to solve any difficulties you encountered when using our gel.

If you are looking for a hydrophobic material with good thixotropic properties, which can keep the blood sample unchanged, Desheng serum separation gel can meet your needs.

Desheng serum separation gel looks like jelly, but in fact it has a very high viscosity. It can be used in conjunction with blood coagulant, EDTA, heparin, etc., under the action of 2000g centrifugal force, it can well form a partition by using gravity.

Advantages Of Serum Separation Gel

Advantages Of Serum Separation Gel Products:

The serum separation gel is physiologically inert and has good thixotropic and sealing properties.

It has anti-irradiation performance and keeps the product unchanged under sterilization.

Desheng serum separation gel is stable and can preserve the integrity of the original characteristics of the sample for a long time.

The gravity of Desheng serum separation gel is accurate, and can be used to accurately extract serum, plasma and other blood cells.

Desheng serum separation gel has obtained the national patent of China, with unique serum separator gel composition and process, convenience and high efficiency.

Advantages Of New Desheng In Producing Serum Separation Gel:

Desheng has a professional research and development team of serum tube additive, supporting the customerization.

Desheng is the direct manufacturer of serum separation glue, with over 10T serum separation glue in stock for a long time, which can be delivered immediately and meet the demand of large quantity.

DeSheng provides many kinds of serum separator tube additiveto meet various needs.

Desheng has 17 years of experience in research and development and production of serum separation gel, and more than 90% of separation gel problems have professional solutions.

Professional foreign trade team with rich export experience.

Application Of Serum Separation Gel

Serum separating gelis used in serum biochemistry, immunology, drug detection, scientific research experiment, etc. Its chemical properties are very stable. After centrifugation, its good thixotropic performance makes the separation gel form a barrier to play a good isolation role, effectively organize the substance exchange between serum and plasma, blood cells, so as to obtain high-quality samples, and keep the original biochemical properties of samples for a long time.

At present, serum separation gel is mainly used in CPT tube, serum separation gel tube, plasma separation gel tube, PRP tube and nucleic acid detection tube. Due to the superior characteristics of serum separation gel, it can be used to prepare excellent plasma and meet the needs of clinical test. In addition, sometimes heparin tube is also required to add serum separation gel to facilitate the extraction of plasma samples.

Serum Separation Gel Production Process

There are 10 steps in serum separation gel from ingredient production to final storage, including the first step of ingredients, selecting high-quality domestic and aboard raw materials, kneading, removing low molecular weight, and forming a base gel. After these procedures, we could see a gel substrate that resembles the separation gel. Then it comes to grinding, then other raw materials inputting, vacuuming and stirring. By this step, the separation gel has been basically made, and after quality inspection department’s strict laboratory testing, then the qualified ones will be filter pressed and finally packed into warehouse.

Serum separation gel instructions

Add the gel by manual, usually for scientific research units or laboratories cases when the amount of gel added is not large. Use a syringe without needle to absorb the separation gel and inject it into the test tube, after adding enough gel, withdraw slowly to prevent from sticking to the wall of the tube.

Add glue with machine, which is suitable for blood collection tube manufacturers. First put the separation gel into the hopper of the machine. After the gel is leveled, cover the hopper, and then add the gel. After the glue is added to the tube, the test tube must be placed upright for 8-12 hours, and then sealed and vacuumed to exhaust the excess air for bubble treatment;

After separation gel is added into the tube, when performing blood testing, we must ensure that the blood sample is initially coagulated before/and then centrifuging, the centrifugal force is 1800-2200g, and the centrifugation time is 8-10min. Because the centrifuge may be different, we can refer to the conversion relationship table below to calculate the centrifugal force:

Centrifugal speed RPM = centrifugal force RCF*105/1.12*r (centrifugal radius).

Serum Separation Gel Matters Needing Attention

Our company's separation gel products have unique ingredients and processes. Please do not mix them with other supplier's products to avoid defective products;

During the process of gel adding, the recommended temperature is 20°C-40°C. When the temperature is too low, it will be difficult to add gel (a normal phenomenon). Use a gel adding machine that could be warmed up to adjust the temperature to above 20 ℃ to improve the efficiency of gel adding;

When the serum separation glue is added into the test tube, the thickness of the separation glue should be ≥ 6mm, so as to achieve a better isolation effect;

When serum separating gelis added into the test tube, if other additives are also needed in the tube, such as EDTA K2, EDTA K3, heparin, etc., the separation gel should be added to the bottom of the tube first, and discharge the bubbles, then add other additive products; if the serum separation gel accidentally gets on the skin during transportation or operation, use waste paper to wipe off most of the gel, and then use DMC, D4, ethanol and other organic solvents to clean."


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