Open Wardrobe

Open wardrobe can provide you ultimate freedom in the choice of finishes, from melamine to the most precious surfaces, such as glass, which may be applied to sides, back panels and doors to create exclusive display case wardrobe structures. Drawer units, fixtures and accessories complete an evolutionary range capable of adapting to any space. Open wardrobe with shoe racklevels and patterns are very distinct, wardrobe style can be coordinated with the bedroom decoration style, with a strong home color, will not separate from the bedroom. After putting things, it looks easier, and it is more convenient to pack clothes. Another advantage is that the partition of simple open wardrobecan be disassembled freely and DIY can be carried out, which needs to be installed according to the size of the room. Generally, the room area occupied by the open bedroom wardrobe is relatively large, with luxury atmosphere.

Vermont, a professional wardrobe manufacturer from china, can provide open wardrobes for sale to meet all your imagination about home. Contact us to get modern open wardrobe design that is only for you.

Simple Open Wardrobe Designs

When we are doing open single wardrobein bedroom, it seems that a little space is not needed, which is a great waste. Adding hanging cabinets to the door of the room is typical of them. The simple open wardrobe designs in this way is so high that it cannot be used without the help of other tools. There is too much depth in the cabinet, it is difficult to take things; it is too shallow to store too many things, and as soon as you enter the door, the height of the floor is depressed, which will depress the whole room. It is better to remove this open door wardrobe design and raise the door to the ceiling directly. This does not pull the ground floor high, the whole room will become brighter, do not suppress more atmosphere. A segmented wardrobe is a more old-fashioned approach. The original simple open wardrobe design is to make the wardrobe more hierarchical. But in fact, up and down division, but let the integrity of the cabinet itself is broken, this sense of fragmentation will only reduce the aesthetic degree of the open closet in master bedroom. The simple open wardrobe made by the side corner of the wardrobe seems to have become standard. It was originally thought that it would be used to put some furnishings, ornaments, etc., but in fact, it is often used to pile up sundries in the end.

Why choose a modern open wardrobe design?

If you don't have much closet space, open bedroom wardrobe will be a good choice. But now, open bedroom wardrobe has become a trend, even those who have plenty of wardrobe space are considering doing so. So what are the benefits of modern open wardrobe? Open bedroom wardrobe makes the room feel bigger in visual space. Modern open wardrobe can help you get your favorite clothes more easily and save time in choosing clothes. You can use open bedroom wardrobe to plan your clothes for the week, or keep seasonal clothes closer to hand. Depending on open wardrobe design and color, modern open wardrobe may also be the perfect fashion element in your room.

Modern open wardrobe design by Vermont

Modern open wardrobe mostly belongs to custom wardrobe, because it should be installed according to the size of the room, generally modern open wardrobe occupies a relatively large room area, giving people a more luxurious feeling, and open bedroom wardrobe's requirements for the quality of the wardrobe is also very high. Although the open wardrobe can bring light, but in the design, we should also reasonably arrange the lighting, tone and so on, so that modern open wardrobe can better coordinate with the overall home decoration style, while showing its own unique mood. It is best to consider the design of the wardrobe as a specific space on the eve of installation at home, and then make a reasonable design according to the overall light tone and household resources and spatial structure, and the lighting used should be close to the natural light. let the color of clothing close to or maintain normal, avoid chromatic aberration, convenient for users to take. Modern open wardrobe is relatively fashionable at present, but the requirements for the cleanliness of the community will also be relatively high, it is necessary to keep the environment clean at all times, otherwise it will make the whole home environment very messy.

Open Wardrobe Advantages


Vermont has open wardrobes for sale, which adopts the latest Italy no side panel wardrobe design. The whole wardrobe support is made of high-quality black painted steel.


Vermont open wardrobe unit has built-in LED light with human induction. Either warm or cool white.


Vermont open door wardrobe has high-end wood grain melamine color with which you can see and touch the real wood grain.

If you need any kinds of cabinet wholesale, please contact us, as a professional cabinet manufacturer, Vermont is willing to offer you high quality products.


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