Smart Laser Scanner

Hashu serie is a highly integrated galvanometer scanning system. The galvanometer control card is perfectly integrated into the inside of the scan head, and the Ethernet connection to the computer can be used for marking. The galvanometer driver board and laser control card are integrated into one system, and the reliability is very high. Special optimization realizes synchronous real-time control of galvanometer and laser, and supports remote control within LAN. The built-in control card adopts dual-core ARM architecture with powerful performance. Scanworld laser machining software requires no driver installation and is easy to use.

Key Features Of Smart Laser Scanner

Product composition: Laser processing head; Laser marking software

Scanner: Adopt dual-core ARM architecture and dominant Frequency 800MHz, equipping with 512MB DDR3 memory and onboard 256 Mbit

ScanWorld: High-precision BOX correction function with calibration precision up to 6μm and support 3D focus calibration

Easy to use without the extra installed control card

Easy to make wire with good reliability

Remotely control in LAN

Support SD card storage and work offline marking.

Hansscannerprovides 3d scanning solutions, 3d laser scanning technology, galvo mirror, galvanometer scanner, galvo scanner laserand etc. If you want to know more, please contact us.


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