Used Leveling Machine For Sale

EZHONGhas accumulated rich experience in the manufacturing of plate bending rolling machines such as large-scale horizontal 3 roll bending machine, full hydraulic bending machine, CNC 4 roll plate bending machine, CNC plate leveling machine, etc. And our sheet metal roll forming machines are for sale at very competitive prices.

The precipitation of nearly 70 years of sheet metal processing experience has made us a leading expert in sheet metal processing equipment. As a leading company in leveling technology and the market, we supply the most complete range of high-performance precision leveling equipment to all over the world: from parts leveling machines for processing thin and thin parts to plate leveling machines for processing thick plates. The processed plates and parts are smooth and almost free of internal stress.

So in addition to our new leveling machines, our second hand cnc machineisalso very popular. High cost performance is our ultimate goal for our customers. Of course, in order to meet the needs of different customers, we also provide lowcnc machine second hand priceand cost-effective other second-hand sheet forming machines for many production applications: second-hand plate rolling machines, second hand plate rolling machine, second-hand presses, second-hand profile bending machines, etc.

The Details Of EZHONG Used Leveling Machine For Sale

- The end bearing of the work roll of the sheet bending machine second handadopts a rolling bearing, which has a small friction coefficient, reduces reactive power loss, and saves energy.

- Rotate the upper roller to install the encoder, you can find the rotating position of the roller, and it is convenient to find the joint of the coil.

- The lifting displacement of the lower roller and the side roller is controlled by the computer, automatically leveled, and digitally displayed on the screen, with a synchronization accuracy of 0.2mm. The rolling precision is high and the operation is convenient.

- The machine is equipped with a movable operating table, which is more convenient for operators to use. The touch screen displays the positions of the three work rolls, making the operator clear at a glance.

- The control system of the machine adopts an intelligent high-speed programmable controller. The system has protection functions such as man-machine dialogue, fault self-diagnosis, the intelligent judgment of operating errors, monitoring of various parts of the machine tool, logic processing, power failure memory, etc. The system has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, long service life, earthquake resistance, and stable operation.

- The sensors of the lower roller and the side roller have high accuracy, which ensures the position accuracy and realizes the position monitoring of each roller.

Notes Of EZHONG Used Leveling Machine For Sale Machine Safe Operation

  1. ~321, surface hardening hardness HS85-95 (HRC56-63), hardened layer depth, work roll diameter D≤200mm is 3~5mm, D>200mm is 6~10mm, the roughness is 0.8μm, and the dimensional tolerance reaches h6.

The Advantages Of Used Leveling Machine For Sale

With the combination of mechanical and hydraulic screwdown device, the leveler equipment has the advantages of screwdown while correcting, adjusting the screwdown amount at any time, accurately controlling the screwdown amount, and high screwdown efficiency.

The integral closed frame is adopted and the rib plates are reasonably arranged to significantly increase the stiffness of the whole machine.

The prestressed frame structure adopts the form of small roll distance and small roll diameter to improve the leveling quality.

The position of the straightening roll can be adjusted separately, and the reduction can be adjusted flexibly to make the reduction of each straightening roll in the best state, and the plate can be corrected under less bending times.

Process control system: the computer model can set the roll gap according to the corrected steel plate thickness, width, flatness and temperature, automatically bite the plate and feed, and has the functions of overload protection and AGC bounce compensation.

Online measurement technology of force and energy parameters: Online four-way deformation and force parameter testing, display and processing during the correction of medium and heavy plate roller straightening machine through strain gauge, with alarm function.

The Application Of Used Leveling Machine For Sale

It widely used in industry. EZHONG leveling machine has advanced technology, high leveling accuracy, wide process range, high degree of automation, and good working reliability under high strength. The application range involves aviation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, and instrumentation. Stainless steel products, etc., play an important role in the verticality, parallelism, and appearance of industrial structural parts.

We offer high quality used metal forming equipment for saleand second hand metal bending machines for sale, if you need them, please contact us.


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